Art and the Process

With this work I felt like I want to talk about the process.

Initially I would stop working on an art piece in one sitting. I always felt like it kinda breaks the flow. Especially the charcoal ones, they are always done in one sitting. It’s like your hand movements are in a rhythm and you are afraid you could lose it the next time. And most of them are done under an hour.

With pastels it’s different. First of all, I chose a reference photo to mark an outline. Then the rest is my idea and instinct. And there’s something eerie about my work. It changes expressions. It reflects my inner self and what I’m feeling, no matter what reference photo look like. For example, if I chose I picture that’s looking sad but I’m not, I will end up with a picture that doesn’t look sad at all. Idk how that happens.

I have ended up with really anxious looking pieces when I start with nothing at all.

In between the first and the last mark on paper, the process is organic. It’s just me and materials.

If I’m working with a pastel paper it has deeper tooth. It’s great because it holds the pastel which is just pigment and binder, basically powder. BUT!! It takes more effort because you have to work the colour into the paper to cover those little holes and for the blended/even effect.

That’s not exactly a disadvantage, because you can have multiple layers of colour and end result is beautiful. And a paper with tooth preserves the work better. and sometimes you actually want a textured effect.

On the other hand, works on smoother surfaces are quicker but it’s extremely easy to just get rubbed off in one sweep of wind.

Eyes are normally the best feature I paint/draw. But with time I intentionally dragged my attention and efforts away from them.

No work is ever complete or finished. You have to tell yourself to stop or you will ruin it. There’s no other way to say this.


I stopped this work for a non-artistic reason.


There’s a lot I could add and I wanted to add.

But I had to rush that point where I could keep it aside.

My bed has been looking like a studio from the time I started working on it. And suddenly I have all these other things to take care of.

It’s hard to balance between creativity and rest of things that you have to do to survive.

I don’t remember myself creating art with jobs and studies, which were anything but artistic.

With a long urgent to-do list, I had to rush this piece and leave it here.

Hope you guys like it.

Feedback is always appreciated. 😊


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38 thoughts on “Art and the Process

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  1. It’s absolutely lovely. My sense of it is a sad girl who is trying to overcome depression by surrounding herself with sunshine. She’s like OK warmth, bring it on, show what you can do for me. And indeed it’s seeping in a bit. Optimistic!

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    1. And i approciate your comment.
      Thank you so much for constact encouragement i am realy protective of my art and share it with very few people but here i do it comfortably because of people like you.
      I know i have always gotten appriciation and kindness here and im grateful for that 🙂


  2. Oh yes, the drags and tribulations of artistic achievements. If we could only live in that ideal world, where all our mundane needs could be taken care of. However, with all creative work, we must be satisfied first and not depend on others opinions, otherwise, maturity will stay out of reach. Don’t forget to spray your pastels with archival quality fixative.

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    1. I wish i could live in that world.
      I agree, but i feel like I’m never actually satisfied with work and since i dont really get time practice much, opinions help me a lot. And i share my work with a selected small circle.
      I don’t know when i will be satisfied with any work completely. It’s something i struggle with.

      I have the spray but im not really skilled at using it. I ended up distroying a work (which is actually cover of my book) because the colours and everything changed after spray. For now im keeping them between tracing paper.

      Thanks for the your suggestions, i really cherish them, especially after looking at your work. 🙂

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  3. I guess it could be sad. Usually someone sad doesn’t bring eye contact. I think I see more of a “really”? expression or a what are you doing? Not sure. What I loved was the softness in the hair. I loved how you explain the process. Donna

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  4. I love your art. I love that you’re brave and fierce. Art, after all, is showing off bits and pieces of the soul. I’ve always avoided pastels (tactile issues), but these have inspired: I’m going to try. Thanks for the inspiration 💖

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  5. I loved reading about your process and funnily enough, I find that my emotions and my art pieces have a similar result to yours. In the sense that, whatever emotion it is that I’m feeling, it tends to come out in my art work. It’s some of my best pieces – – or so I’ve been told! Lovely to see a pastel piece! It has me wanting to play around with some pastel pencils that I got for a Secret Santa present that I haven’t touched yet. 🙂

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