When Dreams and Reality Collide…

This post doesn’t sound as lyrical as the title tbh.

So, I was a bit stressed. Surprise surprise!

My friend called me and we were talking till very late. MY very late is like 3 am at least.

I don’t know what kinda lullaby she started singing, I fell asleep… On CALL!!

Suddenly I found myself in a park, standing in front of an empty swing.

It was first person experience like I’m straight looking at that swing in the park and then I heard my friend’s voice.

“Hello. Hello??”

And I’m thinking C is in this park? Where is she? and I started looking around for her…in the park..in my dream. 

I was in the middle of transportation to real world from this video dream+audio reality, when I asked half-sleeping “where’s the park?”

I didn’t even open my eyes, maybe I was still trying to stay there.

“What park?” C asked.

“Where’s the swing?” I asked as if she was with me there.

“Swing?”, she sounded utterly confused.

“I was in the park in front of a swing.”, now I don’t know what I was expecting. She was on planet earth in another country. There’s no way she could know what I saw in my dream unless she knew some telepathy or witchcreaft.

“Who was sitting on the swing?”, now I was not the only one curious.

“It was empty.” I had a weird sense of emptiness in my tone.

I think I was in the intro of a horror movie when I woke up.

But then I went back to sleep and saw my Aunt and heard C saying “hello, hello”.

I woke up and said, “OMG I saw mom’s cousin!”

“Ok, I think you should go to sleep now” were her words before we ended the call.

This is such a blessing to have friends who are there when you are going through a rough patch.

This also reminded me of all my friends who have made sure I slept, ate well, took care of myself smiled and cried.

Above all, friends who made sure I wasn’t alone.


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