A Little Reminder

Never blame somebody’s emotions actions and reactions on their mental health.

It’s very easy.  It’s very convenient. But it’s very wrong!

You invalidated their genuine response to a situation, when you would probably react in a more intense manner, when faced with the same.

It makes them feel like their whole life is a lie and they lose trust in themselves.

They feel like the world see them from a different lens and class them into a lower category.

They doubt everything that ever happened to them and everything they ever did.

I have been on both the ends.

It’s natural to think like that, I had to learn not to do this with my loved ones who are struggling with mental health problems.

And I have heard the same when I reacted to any unfair situation and all I could thing was “it was convenient to them, they see me as easy target”.

It sucks!

When you know someone is struggling with a mental health issue, they already suppress their opinions because they doubt themselves. It takes them courage to speak up. And then when somebody tried to link it with their health, they step back and walk away in the shadows.

A little example. I have heard “you are saying that because you are having an anxiety attack”. I could be having one. My words could totally be clouded by my mental state. But I don’t want to be told that.

Telling me that is not going to help me or the situation.

In times like these I just want someone to be there and listen and show some kindness.

I don’t know how right I’m here. I’m just saying what I saw and felt.

Please be kind.


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20 thoughts on “A Little Reminder

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  1. I feel you. Sending some warmth to your heart… It must be very hurt to be in that position. I hope my words can soothe a little❤ I am sure you’ve got very valuable things to contribute.

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  2. I hear you.
    I was always a little bewildered that when I wrote about some of the challenges I have faced in the past and how they made me feel, that strangers were so quick to diagnose me or recommend treatment options. I know that all of my emotional reactions to the challenges I faced were completely appropriate. I am not a robot. If someone strikes me, it hurts. I was able to find ways to deal with those challenge and move forwards. I am still happy to talk about what happened and the emotions I went through because it is healthy to be able to acknowledge these very real events in my life which have partly shaped me and the course of my life.
    It is ok to say this happened and it was baaaaaad, and therefore I felt pain, and the pain lasted for more than a few seconds, it lingered and it had repercussions. It is so much more helpful to us and to others to be authentic, and not to pretend everything is ok, when the reality may be very much otherwise.

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    1. i used to feel all my life i have bbeen judged on my reaction and almost always inaccurately. but then i see it happening to everyone.
      why cant we allow space to people to be themselves and to feel and express thier true emotions. Bottling up has never helped anyone.

      All of it is so embedded in human behaviour i must have done the same to others at some point at least. But the change has to start from somewhere.

      I’m glad you spoke up. If you find the right listeners, sharing doesn’t let the pain fester.


  3. In most of those cases, it is not even a conscious reaction that is displaced. We are too occupied with ourselves, shrouded in a cocoon, busying our lives with “stuff” and completely ignoring our human condition. Care and compassion have become abstract theories to be discussed only in self-help groups. Eliminated from our modern working lives, because of being perceived as unprofessional and reserved for special occasions only, like birth weddings and death! Sometimes one does want to cry over the state of affairs, but it is better done alone.

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    1. I couldn’t agree more on better done alone part. It’s tragic but mostly it’s better than being misunderstood or mocked.
      You are absolutely right about compassion being reserves for selfhelp groups only, and then i question it. Some times i just get sick of this world. People who have better lives have just gone blind and they simply blame people who are going through a crisis.
      Hate to admit a little part of me curses them when i can’t take it anymore.

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