Storm of Random Phases

“I know you are bored, but how bored are you?”

My brother’s worried tone startled me when I was diligently scratching dried slime and glitter glue from my bed sheet..because…nieces…

“Umm. It was bothering me and sort of scratching me when I slept (I lied) and look this is coming off so easily” (along-with my nails).

He left the room quietly but then came a storm of random phases.

Cleaning organizing, organizing and re-organizing same stuff.

Looking for things that I’m 99% sure I haven’t brought with me.

One eye make-up shouldn’t surprise you at this point.

Playing hide and shriek with lizards

Reading Slaughterhouse-five.

Calling old friends and listening to their never-ending stories. It’s like they are the ones going through a change. Jokes aside they all have been extremely nice.

Watching every video under #colourmixing. Those are mesmerizing.

Watching cricket and news with Dad when I have no clue about both. My eyes are stuck to screen but my mind is lost God knows where. It’s like I’m watching and I’m not watching. Tricky part is to keep responding to Dad’s constant commentary. I have learned I can get away with a giggling, nodding or a reverse UNO.

Like if you both are watching news and Dad throws in “Isn’t it wrong?” Now you don’t know what’s happening on planet earth but “sorry I wasn’t listening” is rude, so ask for further details like “who/when/why introduced/approved this?”. He will start explaining further and you will eventually catch on.

Shelling tons (250 grams precisely) peanuts and making peanut butter. Don’t regret it one bit! It’s yummy! I’m definitely making more.

Making yogurt at home. Dad loves it. And he thinks its safe to eat (will get to that in next post)

A random small wooden tabled fell victim to my boredom too. It has gone from brown to blue to green now I might add some design to it. For no freaking reason. I don’t even know where to keep it.

I’m also going for walk everyday with dad.

Now, my dad doesn’t go for walk until I go. Only problem, he walks wayyyyyy faster and has a lot more stamina than me coz I feel like I’m dying when he looks like he has even started.

I’m taking my b12 regularly and looks like I’m going to finish them sooner. Since it seems he is planning on sending me to run a marathon.


As long as we all are happy, by happy I mean co-existing under one roof peacefully, All’s well.


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