So I’m back to my room after 1 whole year, at dad’s place.

My room here isn’t My     Room. It’s more like MyRoom.

Let me explain.

8 years back I used to share this room with my baby sis and it was our room. Everything here was the way we wanted.

Then one by one some of the monkeys left their respective trees and the remaining ones started swinging between the trees.

On my every visit there was a different occupant for reasons only known to them. So I would go to any vacant room.

Therefore you can find belongings of everyone in this room.

This time when I came here I asked my brother where should I go and he said My room. I knew he is talking about MyRoom. He himself had moved to the other room but forgot to move his stuff.

Hence, my first shower here was with his ridiculously potent shower gel.

I didn’t have BO for 3 days even though I have been cleaning, running around and sweating a lot!

I asked him what is this thing? And what are you secreting that needs industrial level detergents to wash? Is that a car wash? Or The thing you wash stove tops with? Rugs?

Did it erode my sweat glands? Do I still have skin?

Too many questions.

Only one answer.

I gotta shower with this stuff occasionally. I like it.

When I shared my thoughts with him, next time he took me to men’s deodorant section. Part of me wanted to say “how dare you?” But other part of me (probably armpits) wanted to say “thank you”. To avoid confusion I didn’t buy anything…maybe later…

I also have 5 huge bottles of shampoo for every hair type with 1 to 2 oz of shampoo in each one of them in MyBathroom.

I don’t get it. Couldn’t they use all of it? Or just throw these crumbs? Are they leaving me tips in form of shampoo and body wash, because there are plenty of almost empty bottles of those too.

Oh, about tips… Please hold on to your tips and donations for this blog for a while. I have moved back with dad, and I have to switch my accounts and all here.

Moving back after 8 years was such a big decision that my mind doesn’t allow me to think about it. It’s like starting over in so many ways. I will talk about all of that once this transition gets to a point where I start processing this new life.

Right now everything feels like it’s suspended in air.

But I’m safe. I’m comfortable. I’m home.


I miss you guys ❤️


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20 thoughts on “MyRoom

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  1. Huh. Big changes. I think hard about rearranging the plant tables in the living room. Way to be brave. I look forward to hearing more. 💗

    As to the shampoo remnants, combine ’em. Or dump them. I’ve given up feeling guilty about other people’s choices 😅

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Transition from handmade fancy bath soaps to clean-till-death Axe men’s body wash is drastic, but I’m enjoying every bit of it.
      I already combined 2 of them might dump the rest. I gave up too lol.

      Funniest part. There were 2 back pain relief products in my bathroom and i found out they belong to my sister’s father-in-law. I was speechless… at some point he was staying in my room too. 😆

      Liked by 1 person

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