The Fall by Albert Camus

Reading an absurdist can be challenging.

When I started reading The Fall by Albert Camus, my thoughts were “this is the shortest book I have” “this is my 2nd book by Albert Camus, I wont regret it maybe..”

And then I nose-dived straight into it.

The book starts with a self-proclaimed “judge-penitent”, Jean-Baptiste Clamence, narrating in first person.

judge-penitent: he confesses his own sins (he is penitent), while condemning you for yours (he is the judge)

I was starting to get bored when on the 8th page it hit me, he was talking to me!

It was literary parallel of breaking the 4th wall and that’s the first punch you get.

Then begins his confession and manipulation game.

He confesses his true intension and emotions behind his acts throughout his life. Starting from his days of glory, to turning events that switched the way he navigated life, ending on his questionable decision and manipulative explanation for those decisions.

I won’t give away the entire plot, it’s a short book, I will leave that for you to experience.

In the end I was looking back at all the doors and windows in my own past that I bolted tightly. I was questioning my own actions and intensions and I, too tried to defend my stance with convenient excuses.

It’s a hard read because it will make you question yourself.

It will show you a shattered mirror that unveils your inner demons.

I must say I have a little tightening in chest. That says a lot about mastery of the author.

If the The Plague blew my mind, this one went straight for my throat.

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  1. I’ve been following your blog for years now, in fact you were my first follower (of the few that I have :)). I must admit that I’m not always regular but your blog is an anchor I always return to. It seems as if we have grown together, seen the many roller coasters of life and that, is always constant ! I must also add that you are so talented and your writing has progressed too. As always, I hope you are happy and well. And my condolences for you nanaji. Take care 💛🌹.

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