Prayers requested for my grandfather

Please pray for my grandfather, he is in critical condition and hospitalized. he couldn’t breathe even on oxygen. i don’t know what else to say.

Remember him in your prayers.


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      1. My friend – I am so very sorry to hear that. I have no words of wisdom, atheist or otherwise, to soften things. And whilst, of course, I knew nothing of your grandfather, I know, at least, that he had a granddaughter of whom he must have been very proud.

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      2. We weren’t really close. I was more concerned about my grandma and rest of the family. I was missing being there for them and myself during this time.

        About proud. Very few people know about this part of my life. Only my siblings know about my books, blog art etc. I have been very protective about all of this.

        I can’t let any negativity infiltrate into this small zone where i come to cope and recover.


      3. I didn’t necessarily mean a pride of what is here in this space – this space just gives hints about who and what you are, beyond this space. And that is what those close to you would take pride in, and so should you.


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