Oddly Calm

I wonder What fraction of zen state  is this.

I have acne explosion on my face, it’s looking like 20 million pimples having a party on exactly half of the face, actually mask area.

Then I got rejected by Amazon merch, surprise!

It’s not the rejection, it’s the speed of the rejection. Like.. did you guys even look into it?

A gua sha I ordered came chipped.

The laptop I got for my sister has so many issues … I can’t even …

Then I had to get some tests done, but nurse said approvals got stuck.

It feel like my whole life is stuck

So is my brain.

I’m oddly calm

And not-too-oddly craving and consuming carbs like I’m storing for a famine. Along-with my normal diet, I ate 16 oz ice cream, a can of coke, a piece of salted caramel tart and currently donuts are under attack. This is abnormal amount of unhealthy food in 2 days. And I don’t even remember the meals…

Maybe it’s food coma. I’m eating so much my brain is too heavy to operate anymore.

Can you clog veins going to your brain with food.

Or maybe I have been through so much shit lately I have just become numb. My system is taking a nap.

Or just restarted itself and lost currently open tabs.

I kinda like it. Being unbothered by everything.

But it doesn’t feel like me.

Should I be happy or worried?? Or don’t even think about it and just enjoy this calmness that I get in a million years?

Maybe I will do the last one.

Oh, here is a cup of relaxing tea I got recently.

And I decoded it with help of google lens and just  google..

It has hibiscus petals, rosebuds, dragon tea leaves, rosehip, pomegranate flower. And it’s good!


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23 thoughts on “Oddly Calm

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  1. I hope you feel better after venting it all out. I always enjoy your writing. You are very talented. I see hope in your writing even when you are writing in your difficulty times. Don’t give up. Maybe you can find a publisher that suits your writing. I love flower tea tooooo. Marvelous ❤ Extravagant treat!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m good. and im glad you enjoy my writing, this always feels great to hear 🙂
      oh this is not about writing, i alreqady hqave book on amazon it’s for merchendize designing and they reject a lot, so not surprised.
      and there are plenty of print-on-demand sites to check, so not even demoralized.
      and giving up is out of question

      i love it too 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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