Merch Ramble

Anyone tried to get into amazon merch?

It’s mind-melting.

I could feel my mind oozing from my ears with cold condensation.

Confusing??? Exactly that’s what it was!

A little youtube research told me the most difficult part is the description where you try to prove how awesome you are in not more than 500 characters.

I have been working on that for last few days.

But guess what

The worst part was tax interview.

I have done that for KDP so I thought it should be simple like last time but idk why it took multiple attempts and 2 days to align my information that’s makes me look like smuggler sometimes, because all my info links to 3 different counties. All legit, mind you.

And then, that description was only 300 characters more which made me cut plenty of helpful information.

But at this point I was in eff-it mode.

Filled everything by trial and error.

If it flabbergastingly gets accepted, good!

If it doesn’t, there are other print-on-demand services.

I’m just glad it’s submitted. It’s one of those things I have been procrastinating about for months now.

Let’s see how it goes.

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