1 Peaceful Moment at a Time …

When people try to ruin your day in a hundred ways, because this is what they thrive on, try to find some ways to make it better.

I went to Sam’s (bff) place yesterday, because I just couldn’t take it anymore. I needed to be close to someone who really cares about me.

We had endless conversations  about old days over food tea and all. When you are friends with someone for 23 years, you never run out of conversation.

No amount of time is enough to fit even the titles, let alone details.

At one point she said, I hope your apartment is ok when you go back from here.

I said, “I have dealt with roaches infestation, I have dealt with leakage, mould and short circuit, I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns into Jurassic park in my absence”.

I could declutter and organize my thoughts and emotions with her as she knows me inside out.

We came to conclusion that I will try to intensionally stop myself when I’m spiraling about how somebody constantly mentally abuses me.

And I had to be the one making this decision.

When friends tell us to stop ranting about the same topic non-stop because we are spiraling, we might find it mean and insensitive.

I had to come to this realization on my own and i had to be in a mental state where I tell myself “this isn’t helping me, it’s making me worse”

I have to make conscious efforts to not let negative thoughts pollution my mind and my life.

It doesn’t happen over night.

It’s a process with no finishing line.

There’s no a-day-without-any-negative-thought.

If you are able to push 1 toxic thought out of your mind.

If you are able to earn yourself few minutes of peace and joy with anything that works for you.

You are winning already!

These are your little victories.

That’s what I’m trying to work on.

Every peaceful minute is worth the effort.


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6 thoughts on “1 Peaceful Moment at a Time …

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  1. Focus only on where you want to go, or what’s makes you happy, and you’ll get there. Plus, you’ll absolutely love the adventure and the journey. We all need to remind ourselves of this. It’s a constant lesson, or chore, much like housekeeping or pulling up weeds but it’s so worth it ❤️👍

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      1. Not to worry, every person on earth struggles with this – daily! 😂 And if they say they don’t, they’re lying. You are doing great, keep going👍❤️


  2. Usually, the mind is inundated with banalities that interfere with the clarity of our thoughts and disrupt processes of reasoning. If we do not make the effort and take time out to reside in the realm of nothingness our mental pipes become easily clogged up.


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