Perfect Turkish Coffee!

Story time!

So first time I got ground Turkish coffee was from Global Village, Dubai. It’s a festival with pavilions of different countries.

I chose the beans and got them to grind it.

Traditionally Turkish coffee is made in special pot (cezve) on hot sand.

Now I don’t exactly remember how I tried to brew it at home but I remember it being an absolute failure. I still have it in a jar in the top shelf of my kitchen where I keep things I don’t use but I find hard to throw away.

Now after all these years I went to Turkey and had the original Turkish coffee from different places and one of those was a cafe, that made it on stove without sand. I was watching carefully, taking mental notes.

And bought a can of ground Turkish coffee from a brand suggested by shop keeper.

Once back here, I have been enjoying intensely flavorful and deeply satisfying cup of Turkish coffee almost every morning.

But it didn’t look like the one I was served in turkey

But today.. was the day..


Looks at that.

A perfect cup of Turkish coffee.

And I made it on stove! Without any machine or sand!

And it passed the authentic taste test with flying colours!

So proud of myself.

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10 thoughts on “Perfect Turkish Coffee!

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  1. Looks inviting! I’ve never had Turkish coffee, but I have had Cuban coffee and it is truly amazingly intense. Only a small 4 ounce cup will keep you awake for awhile. . .and some! If you get a chance try Cuban coffee. Do you know where I can buy Turkish coffee in the U.S.? I’d like to give it a try.


      1. The Cuban coffee I got was at a Cuban restaurant in town, so I am not sure the brand they used. Cafe Bustelo is a popular Cuban style coffee that originated in New York. I have had it and it is very good. However, there is nothing like an actual cup of coffee in a Cuban restaurant. I wish I had asked the name of that brand the Cuban restaurant used. That was a few year back, though and the restaurant closed unfortunately.
        I definitely want to try Turkish coffee.
        Thanks for the link.


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