Now what?
Which way do I swim
Where do I hack a path
In this freezing ocean

I’m thinking
Floating weightlessly
In the eye of the ripples
Birthed by my tears

I’m Numb with fear

Of choosing wrong
What if I go deeper
And get lost on the horizon
Just like the sun

Or what if
Ocean swallows me
to punish me
For not even trying

Or what if
The world out there
Waiting on the shore
Pelts me to death

I’m stranded
On a raft of
Dreams and delusions
I build out of air and mist
To stay afloat


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15 thoughts on “Floating…

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  1. An effective way of describing the situation of being faced with a decision and thinking of various options of actions. And that last stanza is powerful… “dreams and delusions” … that’s also a really good description.

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  2. I have to agree with Dave! I do have to share that B4 moving here to Glendale, Arizona? I lived in Southern Oregon for over 26-yrs and this piece reminds me of all the good times we had rafting the beautiful Rogue River! So, thank you for your beautiful prose… Cat Lyon

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