Rrrramble Time!

How come we haven’t done this lately, I had so much to say. Maybe had too much to say but had too little time.

OR I was just lost distracted and confused.

Last week or so have been my most confused time lately. I was self-doubting my every breath.

I had to choose between decision A and B with tons of pros and cons of both, I drove my friends and one of my sis insane with questions like “what If I chose wrong?”

But Sam sorted it for me in one line. She asked me “what one is better for you in 5 years?” And the answer was as easy as 2+2.

And then C was like.. “you got us, don’t stay in a bad situation just because change was scary”

So yea.

I have wise friends.. I have trained them well my efforts are paying well.

And incredible support, my friends, family and you guys!

There will be shitty people who will just annoy me because they don’t have a life.

But what are we calling them?


So we shouldn’t be worried about them.

I might be moving back home for good. After 8 years!

It took days to even register what’s happening. I was looking around at all my possessions thinking “there’s no way I can take all of this back and there’s no way I can leave everything behind

But then I had a beautiful epiphany.

Life is not about your possessions. It’s an extraordinary tapestry of experiences I had along the way. This thought mades me smiles through the tears.

I will share a moment with you guys

One time when I was walking in one of the valleys in Cappadocia Turkey, I saw rain.

At one time when I got to a higher point, I could see clouds pouring from a distance.

I was thrilled. I was really hoping I could hear its voice. But it was very far.

Sharing a picture I took with my phone so idk how visible it is.


That’s one moment, I will never forget.

The experience, the feeling, the memory will stay with me and I don’t need to fit it in a luggage bag.

And O My God

Who is this Theresa person who send me AED 10 (USD 2.72) to my careem (uber) account.

Theresa? Girl who are you and where do you want me to go with this money.

This amount can barely take me to my doorstep from my couch.

Hmm maybe I will need that one day.

Ok guys.

Ramble over. thanks for reading 🙂


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