Emotional Abuse?

When will we start taking emotional abuse seriously?


When will we start to actually recognize it when we see and hear it.

I feel we still need centuries to be able to identify, acknowledge and validate mental/emotional/psychological abuse.

Maybe we see it, deep down we feel something wrong is happening to someone. But as a society we are not mentally prepare to accept the damage it does.

We witness someone get physically injured, medical attention is provided.

When somebody being broken inside, we don’t know what to do.

Abuse is abuse, be it your mind or body. They definitely shouldn’t be compared with each other though.

The trauma that follows haunts us for whole life and eventually destroys lives of people around us too.

Or some people just give up and accept their silent slow death.

I saw a documentary about serial killers. A neurologist showed her research on cases that clearly shows the physical damage of prolonged abuse those people suffered in childhood. There were visible sign in their brain scans.

This is the most intense degree of what I’m talking about.

Bullying and shaming somebody, breaks their personality and then they settle for way less in life or look for escape. And in the end nobody is happy, because deep down they know this is not what they deserve.

One reason I always think of is that people don’t acknowledge problems they don’t want to solve.

Bullying, abuse, shaming leads to trauma and trauma leads to mental health problems.

And if the people who are suffering don’t get help and support, their own bottled up overwhelming negative emotions explode on someone else (usually people close to them) or it eats them up.

It’s not hard to spot and identify emotional abuse.

If you see behavior that you wouldn’t tolerate.

If you hear words that would hurt you.

If you see somebody being treated unfairly.

If you see somebody being deprived of their basic human rights.

And all of that is not a one time mistake, it’s frequent or constant.

They definitely are going through emotional abuse.

Call it that!

I found an elaborate article about it on this link => https://www.healthline.com/health/signs-of-mental-abuse

We are very good at diluted suffering of others’. It’s time we at least start acknowledging them before this virus get to us and our loved ones.


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13 thoughts on “Emotional Abuse?

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  1. “I saw a documentary about serial killers. A neurologist showed her research on cases that clearly shows the physical damage of prolonged abuse those people suffered in childhood. There were visible sign in their brain scans.”

    Yes, I totally agree. I believe this is getting more rampant around us, especially with the pandemic.
    I remember reading about this from Bullmore’s book titled ‘The Inflamed Mind’.

    He writes about how physical abuse can affect one’s mental health when it comes to adulthood and how mental health vulnerabilities can affect us physically. It is two way.

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    1. thats so right. it’s a loop.
      the one i saw was “crazy not insane” it can be very triggering so be careful before watching if you plan to.

      but their were scientific proofs. abuse can damage the area that controls actions. the leash is snapped under unbearable trauma. it was scary but tragic because nobody wins.

      nobody get anything.

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  2. This is not a temporary issue; it goes far back into the shadows of history. Back into the times, high cultures began to rise, the invention of slavery and the cultures of subjugation of women. Political and religious leaders accepted this status quo throughout the millennia’s.
    The epidemic rise of emotional abuse sweeping our present societies can only be analysed in the context of its historical and religious roots, from ancient to modern times. Our societies are very little preparation for the rapidly occurring changes challenging our traditional social fabrics and old fashion gender roles still fermenting in our collective consciousness.

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    1. i would never have said it better. injusted has been part of our dna for ages now and we don’t know how to fix it.
      We are so immune to it that we stop treated it as something wrong.
      But, i also think that whatever cultures or religions tried to preach, people only pushed the nerative that allowed them to excersize dominance without any accountbilty.
      They only tell what allows them to oppress to an extend where the oppressed lose the strength and will to stand for themself.
      At least we can start calling it wrong.
      It’s sad how many people suffer constant torture for decades and they don’t even know there’s something wrong.

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  3. There’s a saying “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me.” Of course, this is an out and out lie because cruel, mentally abusive words can haunt and destroy a soul for a life time. Thank you for discussing emotional abuse because it has such long lasting ramifications in its impact on every culture in the world. Another saying “Hurt people, hurt people.” In other words, abusive words and behaviors go down the generations like an inherited disease. People must address this and stop it where they see it. See something, say something.


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