Weird day.

Morning started with a sad sad news. An extremely talented drummer of Pakistan, Farhad Humayun passed away at just 42. Been a fan of his music. I thought it was covid but he was battling cancer since 2018.

It’s such a huge loss.

Then pulled myself togather for the day and went to a famous palace here. It was magnificent no doubt. But idk why it made me uncomfortable. In that jewel encrusted life, so much didn’t feel right. Will write in details about this later.

Maybe I’m just so poor that palaces make me uncomfortable. Lol. Idk.

But i got a travel companion form there. I was thinking about getting book as souvnir. So after alot of hit and miss i got this book.


I told the girl “book in english poetry, shairi, rumi??” At rumi she said ohhh and gave me this. I got the same book for Sam too. She will love it.

And saw water lillies first time in life.


Got different combinations of tea from grand bazar.

Then came back to hotel and another bad news was waiting.

A friend of mine was really unwell and her anxiety was through the roof. She had been piling it up for day and today she just exploded.

Thank God i was in room and i had connection and i could talk!! I was terrified, what if i wasn’t available?.

Please reach out when you feel you need to talk to someone. When you feel you can’t take it anymore. And don’t feel obliged to deal with it on your own.

Please talk to someone. It makes a massive difference. It saves life.

I just finished packing and have to leave for another city in a few hours.

It’s been such a weird day. Idk what to feel in the end.
Please be kind to yourself.

Take care

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