1 day at a time..

If you are sitting somewhere doing nothing, somebody will give you a cup of tea or coffee. That’s turkey for you.


And im obsessed with turkish tea i think im having 4 to 5 cups a day. May teeth are stained and my liver and kidneys probably will start eroding.

You can’t say no to it. Especially with it’s free.

And i saw the funniest thing of the pandemic. Some genius was wearing mask on his elbow!

Dude what are you protecting? If your elbow is connected to your lungs, you have superpowers!

I mean.. i was laughing. It happened on taksim squar and people were walking in all directions and this guy was right in front of me and i couldn’t stop laughing.

He was a joke sent by God.

And that reminded me of how masks are actually a blessing.

My life is far less embarrassing.

Or maybe not.
Because….Picture this..

I was wearing 50 coats of maskara when suddenly it started raining.

To avoid looking like a racoon i quickly wore my sunglasses. Then to save my hair i tied scarf on my head.

I was wearing headscarf, big sunglasses and black mask. It looked like i am going to rob a bank.

Or have robbed a bank because i was running!!

Running for my dear life!


That elbow mask guy taught me something.

I’m not the stupidest person on the planet.

Jusk kidding.

That moment made me feel better for no reason.

Just like sometimes we feel bad for no big reason.

The bird eye view of things look terrifying.

So 1 day at a time is the best aporoach for now.

Its not easy. But when is life easy and for who?

Im trying to focus on present.

Went for bosphorus cruise today and it was a beautiful and wholesome experience.

And oh i enjoyed some traditional music on cab radio, and the driver was signing along not caring about anything in the world.

And then there was a little girl playing a drums. She must be 10 or 12.

So, little moments that make you laugh, smile and just be grateful for how nice the wind is and how waves look like ruffles silk cloth, are the godsent.

Sometimes it’s better to avoid looking at full picture, for the sake of your own sanity.


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