The Tragic Dichotomy

What next dawn brings, we can never know.

It’s hard to stay positive when your plans came crashing down.

And it’s hard to stay positive when things are going fine because good times always feel like a trade. Like we will be paying for all those moment of joys.

When I’m standing at a point of joy, I know somewhere on the other size of scale,  problem is balancing my life.

It’s not how it should be tho.

It should be like..

Everything is going to be ok.

Whatever is happening, eventually will go in my favour or will be the right thing for me


There is no other side of scale. Maybe things are just going to be fine.

But it’s hard to stay hopeful.

And it’s hard to even try when your loved ones are involved.

This time my family is trying to pick me up and this is such a big thing for me because they needed me. I HAD to be there.

This is something that took forever to happen in my family.

And it was only possible because we openly talk about mental health now.

We understand each other better and dont take words like stress, anxiety, depression, feeling low/down and feeling weird/afraid/agitated, for granted.

They understood what I would be going through and they all are trying to help. This is a massive step.

This is the reason we need to talk about mental health more.

normalize this conversation.

I don’t know what tomorrow will bring. But i know i have people who will understand me.

When your problems and reactions and acknowledged, life gets so much better.

Bags pack are movies/series downloaded on netflix (in case i get shitty wifi).

I kept The Fall by Albert Camus this time because its the shortest book i have and didn’t want to carry a lot of stuff. If i need more I will resort to ebooks.

I’m thinking about 1 thing. I will try to post every day.

1 pic, 1 thought, 1 new thing every day.

I am looking forward to see whirling dervishes and tulips. Alot with a hundred different things.

I have been dreaming about tulips lately, not in pots. Like real ones in ground lol. Idk why. Probably season is already over but who knows.

And ruins! Old flaking of mammoth structures!

I really hope i see anything, given the times.



Its such a weird feeling, being excited and sad at the same time. The dichotomy is tragic.

And trying is painful.

So i will let the winds take me wherever i’m destined to be.

This surrender is my only option at the moment.

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6 thoughts on “The Tragic Dichotomy

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  1. Im sending you lots of care as you work your way through this. I’m glad you and your family are having these open conversations on this important topic♥️♥️.


  2. I agree: talking openly about mental health is a very good step forward. Much better than avoidance in conversation. Talking can help bring understanding. And I hope you have an enjoyable trip, with quality family time and seeing those tulips and ruins.


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