Sneezing, Rambling, Sneezing Rambling…

My investment is tanking, my face is melting away and I’m eating like food is going to go extinct tomorrow.

Now the details!

Few days back my bro calls me at around 2 am and says “bro! we have to invest in crypto!”

I said “ok bro! I have 2 cent. let’s do it.”

I never invested in crypto before and now I know why. this shit is heart-attack inducing. 

Well, I put a few coins in these virtual coins.

And BAM!

The whole crypto market jumped off the cliff.

Since when I started having that kind of impact? And why didn’t I know about this before??

I need to take out my must-kill list and start sending $1 to each one’s bank account and wait for my jinx to do the thing.

looks like I can stop looking for “undetectable natural poison” 

I can single-handedly bring a healthy economy on its knees.

This went from “so this is how I become a millionaire” to “so this is how I go broke” in 10 days. At this point holding is the only option, now I just say “i am in for technology”

I shared my account info with my bro tho.

In case I grow old and die, somebody should be able to take profits. And he can share the password with his grandkids…and so on..

Right now my 2 cents portfolio is sinking like titanic.

*wipes tears with my heart will go on in the background*


I don’t know what all of this triggered in my stomach, I have been eating for at least 20 people. Maybe stress eating, but at this point even that sounds unreal because this is like 20 people stress eating!.

Maybe I’m making it up for fasting month.

Oh. That’s it!

I’m compensating.

In between staring at screen and grazing like a cow, I caught some kind of allergy.

I must have sneezed a few hundred times by now in last 2 days, and it hasn’t stopped.

Feels like half of my face is internally melting and flowing like lava but I imagine it to be something like waterfalls of touristic places… things I do to stay positive.

Could this be some covid variation? Maybe vaccine missed 50% of my face.. Idk.

And oh sis’s wedding plans are in jeopardy, and bridezilla has started to throw flames.

Flights, lock-down etc etc.. so once again my plan is “prepare for the worst”

I’m taking a few off days from real life now and will spend these days eating, resting reading and writing. I need a break from peopling it’s not good for my health.

And I have a lot to catch up on here.

Hope you all are having a nice day.

Thanks for tolerating.

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16 thoughts on “Sneezing, Rambling, Sneezing Rambling…

Add yours

    1. I studied all about it in 2016 and i told myself all of this back then when bitcoin was 2000 to 2500 usd..

      And its a rule with stock crypto etc, only invest what you can afford to lose. So it’s a very small amount. I already have a diversified portfolio of random little investments. So this wont bother me much.

      And i think i believe in technology too 😉

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I thought i wont cry but here i go.. 😥😢😭

      I did get allergic from something but i don’t think it’s food. I’m not allegic to any food as far as i know. But its something.

      I took steam (the breathing one) with 1 drop of euclyptys and it has helps. Taken anti allegy now.

      It’s better but something is still tickling my nostrils.


  1. Oh, you must be going through something hard. It’s okay to vent your spleen here. You don’t have to act positive all the time though sometimes your sense of humour helps brightening people’s day. I am not sure if it helps you too. Keep your head high. Nothing is permanent or constant except the unknown death. Keep living every day to your best! Take your baby steps:)


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