Inner Voices

A thought crossed my mind with I was out for walk, currently the best time of my day.

I remembered reading Rumi’s quote about it and found these words when I searched:

“Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are.”

Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself.” 

Whatever we see, read, listen, and our senses soak up as we proceed in life, our experiences, good bad and ugly, It’s all there registered somewhere in our minds, and turn into our own inner voices.

Unfortunately, the negative voices that we hear are loud, powerful, ferocious and convincing as hell.

Remember you said/did that 5 years ago and embarrassed yourself. Everyone thinks about that 24/7.

That decision you made last year, was the worst decision, and ruined your life.

You are a failure, because your life isn’t what you planned it to be.

Everyone else has it better than you!

And then, there are these frail stifled voices in your head, like soft tiny specks of light in pitch black darkness.

Your positive voices.

Nobody remembers and care about your insignificant and completely forgettable human error. If they do, they are assholes and you shouldn’t care about them.

Every decision we make in a moment, we excessively pro-con it. And at that moment, it must have been the best decision.

If you woke up today, and no matter how hard it was, you pulled through. You are not a failure. Surviving IS winning. And who knows you will end up having something bigger than your plan.

Everyone. EVERYONE! is going through something or other. No matter how glorious their life looks, they all have their own struggles. And guess what, maybe theirs are harder than yours. You just don’t know about them.

We rarely hear positive voices  and shush them to whispers.

We need to look for them, acknowledge them and give them a chance to direct us.

Again. It’s a long process. But once you start to focus on those faint glimmers, the darkness doesn’t bother you anymore.

Everyday is a new page in you story, Don’t waste on thoughts that are nothing more than ugly splotches of ink in your exceptional story.

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16 thoughts on “Inner Voices

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  1. This is very empowering. I admire your spirit which always tries its best to see the positive sides amidst engulfing darkness. This is laudable. When I miss my antipsychotics due to forgetfulness or during my pre-menstrual days, the voices in my head are always loud and uncontrollable, making me feel like dying. But I cannot remember the voices at all. On normal days, I am still okay. I hope your scary voices will go far away as you seek for the brightness:)

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    1. I noticed they all are there. All the noises, just different decibels. Pmsing is real! I go pretty crazy thosr days and then i know why.
      Have you tried to confront those noises? They are like bullies, when you stand upto them they fizzle out. Next time try telling “shut up! It’s my life and i rule it! You can’t get to me!.” Repeat it.

      Sometimes it works.
      And get youself busy with mutiple tasks. Half of the time staying busy helps me with anxiety, but don’t exhaust yourself.

      Take care 🤗

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      1. Okay, sounds like a great idea! Going to try this out. I find breathing exercise, calming music, and physical exercise help. Sometimes there isn’t much challenge going around but my heart always finds an excuse to feel anxious.

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  2. And the inner voices may not be our own. We are so good at confusing ourselves. I’m going to share an older piece, which may not fit exactly, but it’s what came to mind when I read this. Like you I hear the dark and the bright, but try to always head for the bright, or more importantly, balance.

    The Crying of Hat 10 1/2

    Events in life happen when they must;
    A meaningless assertion at its very best.
    Events in life do happen when they do,
    So, they must happen when they must.

    This tautological sophistry oft repeated
    Is proclaimed to proclaim proclamation.
    Proving nothing can only prove nothing.
    There is nowhere to go from this point.

    Therefore, I shall continue until I arrive.
    That must mean that I’m going nowhere.
    Fast, stuck in one place, moving quickly,
    Yet, I cannot leave until after I’ve arrived.
    And I cannot arrive if I have not left yet.

    Wonderstruck; I’m lost in space and time.
    Better than the other arguments offered;
    It lets me be here and there, everywhere,
    But nowhere all the time I’m here or gone.

    Occupying the center, as I cling to the edge,
    While moving often somewhere in-between.
    Admit it, say you know exactly what I mean.
    Just look for me everywhere you are going,

    Though never, ever expect to run across me.
    Scattered quite far and wide, atoms matter.
    Think you I am as mad as Lewis’ rare hatter?

    Ten and one half could sum a closer answer,
    When solving all of life’s complex mysteries.
    Confused and crying, as I sit in my weedy lot,
    Forty-two may also be the answer, maybe not

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