World Art Dubai. Part-1

Sam (my best friend) and I have always been artistic souls. She actually won artist of the year in school. So,  World Art Dubai aptly called “region’s largest affordable retail art fair ” was one event we couldn’t miss.

We actually blind-walked into the whole thing as we wanted the experience to blow our minds. Researching could dilute the impact of our first-time experience.

When we got to Dubai World Trade Centre (the exhibition venue) we didn’t have to tell people we wanted to go to WAD, at one point I asked Sam “how artistic do we look?” she said “very”


The entrance wasn’t exuberant, which I totally get since the idea is to make affordable art more accessible for the artists and audience both. But it was attractive enough.

We entered, and followed the works on the boundary wall, we didn’t have energy and time left for middle aisles. We are those people who talk to artist about the technique and story and their art form, it wasn’t possible to cover the whole thing and to take proper pictures of everything too.

So, I will share the ones that really caught our attention. I will try my best to link the artists. 

The first works we stopped at were by Mireille Salti



The silhouettes of women swirling and flying or just sitting amid the burst of abstract patterns, felt liberating.

Somewhere in between conversation, she said she always paints women and I told her I can relate to her this innate urge to create art around women and their expression. (I have written a short piece on it for another day)

Next was this magician guy, Coco Valdez (artnaut) who makes augmented reality artwork.

Let me explain.

We saw brilliant art works on the wall, and then he pointed a phone (that was attached to a tripod) towards one of the painting.

And then this happened.

I actually blurted how did you do that and he said hard work. indeed!

He gave us this card.



..picture of card..

When you scan the code at the back, it take you to download an app. That app allows you to experience the art on the card in augmented reality.

I made this video for you guys.

Then there was sketching workshop by Manupriam Seth on how to create depth in drawings and urban sketching. Most of them were pointer/marker sketches but the trips apply to all forms of art. I have recording on the workshop in case anyone wants it please let me know, I will be pleased to share.

We both found this workshop very helpful.

And oh. Nobody is paying me for these posts or promoting this artists. I am doing this because I love art, and I appreciate artists and want to share my own experience.

Moving on..

Then came works by Tres Ases Artist

For a few minutes I was lost in blues of this painting and how small and yet strong, the figures look in it.


And this work by Rafa Tom.


I love it.

The yellows in the painting above are outstanding. This one represents fall and you think you have seen the most beautiful impressionistic knife work, and then you see the next work by the same artist.



I mean..i was speechless.

She said it takes 1 to 3 months to complete and her works have been exhibited in Milan. I wasn’t surprised.

And look at this splash of powerful and raw expression by Kemal Yazici. I loved this piece for the simplicity that pulls you.



Look at all those layers..

I think this is enough for today. It’s kinda hard to select, edit images and find and link artists.

Will cover rest of it soon.

Have a great day 🙂

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14 thoughts on “World Art Dubai. Part-1

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  1. Wow. What an amazing and inspiring post. The artwork is incredible. It deeply reminds me of why I love art. How sometimes even a single seemingly simple image can have so very much to say. Thanks for posting.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Our artistic expressions are neither about style nor proficiency! They are about the ability and willingness to represent and reveal what has moved us emotionally and how we as individual perceive reality.
    Beauty is not a commodity exchangeable for monetary value. Beauty must be sensed and felt before it can be translated into the visual and equally appreciated by the viewer.
    How often do we observe technical proficiency in art devoid of the ability to move our emotions?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I completely agree. each and every word.
      But believe me there are artists who have to sell work to feed themselves and earn a living. if this is somebody is good at, i don’t mind them selling art, i myself want to get there at some point.
      There are pieces that move me to the core, i could stand there and stare for a long time and then i also want to hear what artist has to say. And i love it when someone think out of the box to bring that emotion to reality.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I adore most of these. After the works by Mireille Salti, I was prepared to declare a favourite. Then you kept showing more works. The large blue canvas by Tres Ases Artist speaks to my heart. All of it is wonderful. Thank you. Sharing it on my FB page for my artist friends.

    Liked by 1 person

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