When will it get easier?

My post-vaccine era of absolute joy is over.

The glorious days when my head didn’t have other worries and I was focused on art and writing, came to a sudden halt throwing me off the vehicle straight through wind shield.

This reminds me of hitman’s body guard scene..


watch it people, watch it!


Back to real world and real life problems.

“I’m dying” is becoming a usual reply to “how are you?” I’m afraid the day I’m actually dying nobody will believe me.

A friend said that to me, “you say that so often I won’t believe you when it actually happens”

Which is kinda scary.

After workout today I was laying on mat like this for an eternity.


I was thinking of all the ways rescue team will enter my apartment to resurrect me because I felt like a bulldozer ran over me.

They say about workout, if you keep at it, it gets easier…it’s been months! When is the easier part going to happen?

I think it goes for whole life. Nothing gets easier ever!

And then you have to pick your fractured self up and take care of mountains of chores that accumulated because you chose to rest a few days.

I miss mom..

And why do we have to grow up and be adults, it’s torture.

It’s been 2 days and I felt like I’m going in reverse gear on jet speed, so I talked to my therapist (bff) Sam to come up with a schedule.

There’s not one thing I can skip right now.

All I can do is plan and pace myself according.

Planning to live my life like sensible humans from tomorrow, I have slim hope of that happening but no harm is trying right?

Thanks for tolerating.


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24 thoughts on “When will it get easier?

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  1. Nothing will get easier, the only thing which will change is that you will take it easier he older you get. By that time you know one day it is all over so you make the most out of the days you have left. as it appears you have still a long way to go so start taking it easier because everyone has problems.

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    1. nothing will get easier?? 😭
      i try to place my mind on this track but it takes tons of positivity which i very clearly lack at this stage.
      but you are so right, the day i know i have 5 days left maybe i won’t be whining.

      The odd part, the more i plan, the harder things feel. So maybe i should start taking things lightly, it’s not going to be easy but nothing is.
      Thanks for sharing your thought 🙂

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  2. Diet and exercise, you hear it all the time. The important thing to remember is that diet comes first. Exercise is a distant second. I believe in exercise but you have to do a lot of it to lose weight. Remember the old saying “Abs are made in the kitchen”. Weight control is all numbers, and these are the numbers that you eat. Just 100 calories less per day will allow you to lose 12 pounds. You have to exercise for about 9 hours (400 calories burnt per hour) to lose just 1 pound!

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    1. If i try to diet i will defnitely pass out. I focus on eating and being healthy rather than losing weight.calorie deficit thing didn’t really work for me.
      Thanks for sharing info, all of it is actually right. just doesnt work for me.


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