Self-publishing Ramble

Goodness my days of wanting to throw my laptop at the wall has started

I never could do it because..expensive and honestly this is my most precious possession.

After marinating my manuscript with my barely blank stares, the engines started rolling today!

Thank God I don’t do this for living.

Yesterday I made a very slight change in Swinging Sanity’s cover.

I saw paper backs printed in US and UK (pictures of both sent by my precious blog friends) and I thought the art on UK copy look a bit more red for how I wanted it to be. So I made a little changes in photoshop and uploaded new cover for ebook and paperback both and waited for it to be approved.

Next, I got an email from KDP that it looks like I don’t have full rights to the content of my book, to prove ownership I need to re-upload everything… or they will block my book in 5 days.

like.. are you high KDP???

Why would anyone else log in from my account to upload my work on my account?? That makes absolutely no sense

I wrote back that it’s all mine and I have full rights to everything in that book and because it was under review I couldn’t even re-upload it. It’s the same book that’s been on the shelf for 2 years now.

I tried to stay calm for a few hours but then I just broke down… happens.

Well it got approved and I got mail that it’s up and all is well

Then today I just suddenly started working on the second one and took me hours to catch up on what was already done.

Pro-tip: your manuscript should be written and edited in the page size you want it to be in eventually, so that it doesn’t go bonkers when you transfer it in the end.

So, yea.

I’m cutting and cutting and cutting.

I went from x number of poems to 127 to 87, now I have to bring it to 50.

Technically we are still in selection process but I’m doing editing and little bit of formatting along the way.

Because again I don’t want to electrocute my manuscript just when I’m about to publish it.

Well. Time to go back to losing my vision gradually. I better start wearing my glasses again.

Have a great Sunday guys!

Ramble over.

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  1. Maaaaybe when you went through all the menus you forgot to check the box that says it’s your content? It’s kinda a hard checkbox to see. Funny that it lets you keep going even if you don’t check it…

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