Whiny People Problems

How did we survive these 2 3 days without an avalanche of whiny-people-problems.

I can’t contain myself anymore so here we go!

Breakfast atrocity

Today I ordered breakfast. Don’t ask me why because idk the answer.

I saw the cheapest available waffles and ordered them ..BIG MISTAKE!!

I don’t say anything bad to food but .. the box containing waffles smelled like the oil that has been used and re-used since generations I’m sure it’s their family heirloom. It smelled like fumes coming out of a fast food exhaust.

I still mustered up strength and took one bite..

No acid in the world can wash away what it did to my oesophagus, tongue and mind.

I didn’t want to give bad rating but I called them and told them the problem.

The guy came with crepes and took those waffles to investigate.

Grocery disaster

Then grocery arrived and inside the box carrying all of it, hummus decided to break free and flood on everything else.

At that point I was wondering why did I even get out of bed. I was having better days.

Oh about better days.

This should be a separate post.

The sicker I get the better my focus gets on my creative endeavours.

These 10 days I have been more creative than I was in whole last year maybe.

Being sick eliminates a lot of distractions.

But Editor’s block stays!

I have been staring at my manuscript for days but I couldn’t do anything. It’s like staring at a blank wall the night before exams.

I don’t know when will this change, but I’m not forcing.

I’m enjoying my artist life. Just had a cup of ice cream after 15 minutes of abs workout.

I’m abstract like that.

In last 3 days I have watched Nightcrawler, Velvet buzzsaw and Unbreakable movies (unbreakable, split, the glass)

I didn’t go for my usual cringe binge for distraction because maybe I didn’t need distraction this time. There was nothing to distract from.

Except incomprehensible little surprises I get from WordPress every now and then.

WordPress Surprises

This time I suddenly found out there are blogs that I follow but they still don’t show in my reader. And some of them are my sweet blog friends who support me endlessly.

So I’m making a list of my regular fellow bloggers links and will check from there.

Hassle! I know. But life is all about struggles. You have to find a way around.

And Amazon Issues swing in an infinite loop to randomly hit you in the eye and I’m too tired to get into those right now.

And oh I have a new book review. Will be sharing that soon.

Thanks if you made it this far.

Have a nice day!


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10 thoughts on “Whiny People Problems

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  1. Hahah, good to see your life appears as irritating as anyone else’s, At least you know you have not yet become a robot, like so many around us already have. Irritations keep our senses sharp so we can continue cut through the “bull skin”!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good to see you laugh. oh my life is in perpetual irritating mode i think that’s just adult life. I will malfunction as a robot, i would be one of those in cartoon where you switch them on and they completety fall apart.
      At this point it feels like a rhyno’s skin.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The way things group together is exceptionally irritating. Still, when it’s good things happening, I don’t complain. The algorithms of social media are annoying. I play with them on the semi-regular to make sure I can still see what I want to see. I wish they’d stop trying to think for me.

    Liked by 1 person

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