Fahrenheit 451 – Book Review

You know it was worth it when you bother to put tags in it and mark the memorable places you will visit again.

And I wish I was tagging my books, there are too many lanes I would like to go and stroll, to touch the walls and feel the ambiance between the words.

Today, we are here to talk about Fahrenheit 451. A dystopian novel written by Ray Bradbury and published on October 19, 1953.

Bradbury crafts this story around a dystopian era far into the future where firemen’s job is to find and burn books. According to the book 451° Fahrenheit is the temperature at which paper catches fire, even though it’s not confirmed. This is what I found on the internet, if you are interested.

Screen Shot 2021-03-10 at 2.59.08 PM

My heart clenched into a tight ball when I read about people torching books. They are beyond treasure to me. But then I looked up and found out this has actually happened..




The story goes like this…

One day a fireman finds a girl with curious, free spirit and too many questions, who derails his thoughts from their usual spoon-fed track. Something that’s not considered normal as people are pretty much numbed, manipulated and controlled through screens. Their sources of knowledge (books) are destroyed and they are only fed heavily censored information (rings a bell?? 1984??)

He starts to doubt his job, which was to hunt down hoarders and burn their books. It was treated as the biggest crime possible, but why? This is something he starts to wonder now. And these questions change the course of his life completely.

For the rest of the story you have to read the book.

And I mean you HAVE to read this book.

It caught me in the first paragraph and I couldn’t let go of it, which wasn’t that easy for me due to hectic schedule. I read most of it on the road, hence untidy tags…

Imagine how important it is.

It’s a book about books and the wealth they contain.

It’s a book about questioning and thinking, a quest of obtaining knowledge and preserving it.

About theories, facts and philosophies all condensed in a small book. Only 256 pages.

The hypnotism through screens is not a concept very far from the reality today.

I recently read 3 such books, the plague, 1984 (still reading), Fahrenheit 451 and I feel like we are living in the middle of this cluster of disasters, people before us feared and warned about with their eloquence.

Like a red carpet to hell unfolding, with arrows directing all of us to destruction.

Their dystopia is our reality.

The metamorphosis of the world from fiction to non-fiction is terrifying.

I had to be picky while placing tags, this book is a treasure.

It’s a dystopian classic that blows your mind with its relatability and I have no words for the analogies used to paint the whole picture. You could see through the pages into the characters and situations.  

It’s definitely a must-read, must-experience book.


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6 thoughts on “Fahrenheit 451 – Book Review

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  1. Your are quite right, stoner, about how these, modern prophecies, now coming true. I thought as I was reading your very insightful post that Farenheit 451 and the burning of books as accepted public policy can be taken as a metaphor for the dumbing-down of America whereby knowledge and intelligence is treated with contempt, and ignorance becomes the essential element in the establishment of a political cult.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wasn’t talking in these contexts and it wasn’t about one country or politics at all. I’m not even an American.
      My mind was more relating it to social media/media being used as strongest medium to influence our minds.

      If I talk about today, knowledge is there for the seekers and far more accessible.

      But the stuff that actually trends on internet and gets the hype and money both, is beyond me. And such trends become addiction and everyone tries hard to jump on bandwagon. It’s like putting horseblinders, you go oblivious to what’s important.
      Some good has come out of it too. Few movements started on social media that are making a differnce and in the right direction.

      But the idea that main source of information and entertainment were screens and people would blindly believe them, is portrait as part of dystopian world in this book which is out reality today.


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