Too much to write about..

You must have those days when you have a lot to write about, but you end up writing nothing at all.

Or just few words.

Overwhelming amount of emotions waiting for their turn to end up somewhere.

To be documented and preserved in some form.

And when you start your fingers tremble, you type so fast that a lot of words don’t even make sense when you read them.

The goal is to preserve those feelings. Opinions. Rants and smiles.

If you don’t go through this, consider yourself lucky.

Last month I tried to trap moments in bell jar.

A lot of pictures.

A lot of words.

But a lot went undocumented, still.

I failed to capture soft ripples blossoming on the surface of blue lake when raindrops dived into it.

And when birds swung their tails left to right ever so gracefully, as they glided on water as if an invisible string was pulling them.

I can’t capture true colours of leaves . The warmth of reds fade somewhere in the lens.

And clouds.

I might end up writing a book on clouds.

Clouds are my obsession.

They are the most underrated creation in the sky.

And I wish I could tell you guys what I feel when I read. Word fill my heart and swim in my blood.

And explain every notes of my coffee. So much going on in one sip.

But I can’t.

Today, I cooked chops with my mom’s signature recipe today. No one can understand how satisfying it was for me to make it almost just like her. 1 piece of it meant so much to me I relished it bit by bit.

People can understand what made you feel a certain way but it’s so hard to explain why.

I looked crazy explaining I was looking at waves in awe for hours because I loved the way water was lifting sand. For me it was a magical moment.

Everything can’t be caught in a bell jar and put in an exhibit.

Some moments can only be savoured by your soul and they fly by you the moment you blink.

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19 thoughts on “Too much to write about..

Add yours

    1. That’s what I’m more focused on these days. living in the moments and appriciating them. I don’t know why I’m struggling with expressive myself lately.
      there’s so much blocked inside, nothing sad, just random thoguhts and feelings. feel like I’m silently shutting down.


      1. When i have too much to handle, I group the tasks by priority i.e. 2 things need to be taken care of today and other 3 can wait a few days. Then i handle 1 group at a time. Helps me.
        And I pray your husband’s health get better and more manageable.


    1. that makes sense. sometimes divverting your mind to something unrelated helps.
      I think i start it and then when it’s not complete i start fretting over it. Maybe if i sit down and finish one post at a time (like this one) I won’t be anxious about not writing enough.

      Thank a lot for suggestion 🙂 It’s precious like your most comments.

      thank you 🙂

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