What’s keeping me away..

It’s 2. 24 am, God knows whyI thought I should do this. Maybe because some of you (like 2 to 3 of you) were concerned as they have been following for a long time and this place doesn’t really sound like me these days.

And this post is like a note to myself because sometimes it help me sort out my thoughts..

A few things that’s been keeping me away from here are summarized below, details might be posted later.

1. My baby sis, my love, my life and my forever baby daughter is getting married this year. And weddings are chaos! And she is dealing with this chaos alone. So I have to be there as much as I can, through calls. I hear her trembling voice and get a heart attack.

2. Last year 3 of my siblings (yes we have a very big family) started their small business or social media pages/accounts. So have to support all of them. I’m actually quite proud of them.

3. Right now, i have a really sweet relative staying with me. So this month is obviously focused on making her trip memorable and comfortable for her.

4. I have been revising my accounting courses and now I’m on a little harder chapters. I have to focus on this more so that I can go for better paying jobs, hopefully 😢.

5. My plants have been infected by Fungus gnats. They need extra care and different strategies to get rid of em.

6. There was a major declutter going on here and it’s still going on.

7. I have to get my blood tests done tomorrow. Vaccination is scheduled next week. I’m kinda anxious too. Just a little. So, appointments and all..

8. I was going to put up my art work for sale but art photography is entirely different genre of photography. I failed badly after spending days on it. Picking up myself and doing the whole thing from scratch will need tons of motivation, which I don’t have right now but this failure lurks in my mind.

9. A few really nice real life friends are going through hard times and need my shoulder to cry on (thats all i can offer most times). My friends (including all of you) are my lifeline. Seeing them in crisis, does impact me.

10. One of my siblings’ mental health went really down. It was extremely heart breaking and terrifying. It’s been a few months now, every-time i talk to her it breaks me and then I can’t think straight for days.

11. Dad’s surgery is becoming a mystery now. It’s not done yet and we don’t know when it will be done but the uncertainty messes with his mind, which messes with my mind.

These are few things that have kept me extra occupied.

I’m doing fine.

Your concern means the world to me.

Again sorry for my absence. There’s nothing wrong. Just trying to do the right thing where I can.

Sometimes our priorities shift because some people really need us badly, in that moment the rest can wait.

My family and friends need me more than usual these days.

WordPress is my home. I will always come back here. You can still email me through contact form if you really need me.

I’m here only, just wont be able to engage much.

Please take care of yourself.

You are important ❤️


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