Random updates

First of all sorry for not responding to comments promptly, I’m in the middle of a lot of things (this is becoming a constant now)

Along with studies, existing schedule and a lot of major and minor changes, I am scheduled to be vaccinated soon and that freaked my dad really bad. I was already going to anyways but dad really pushed me to see my rheumatologist asap!

So today I met her after 3 to 4 years and we both were happy and excited because last time I went to her I was crying and asking “when is this going to end?” And she said “i hope I had an answer”

She was really happy to see me recover and …well.. not crying lol. And I was happy to even find her.

It was a bit scary to see hospital so under-staffed, I hope all those people who weren’t there have their jobs.

She said I can totally get this vaccine since my autoimmune is inactive and I’m not taking any meds for a long time.

Then I told her I wanted my should-be-regular tests to be done so I will be going for that in a day or two. And I want my supplements!

This is one nice thing that happened.

Before that, things have been hard for a few friends and it started to get to me.

At one point I was beating myself up for not being able to do anything. And honestly in those situations nobody would be able to do anything. This is just how life is, most of the times we alone have to deal with it.

I was wondering there is so much pain in this world and yet some people manage to be insensitive. 

Some people just have to spew venom, now I don’t even get mad at them.

I feel sorry for them.

When life is full of so many colors and flavors and there’s always something to learn or explore, these people focus all their energies on being plain evil. I just feel sorry for them.

I have stopped saying “you can contact me whenever” for at least this month. I just need a little (hopefully) time.

I apologize again for not replying on time I do that whenever I get a chance and see an un-replied comment.

Probably next month onwards I will have my life more sorted (again, really hope so).

Until then please be kind to each other and yourself.

Don’t let anyone bring you, your happiness, your dreams, down with their negative attitude.

You guys are some of the best people I have known, and you deserve the best.

Take care


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