I used to have this category “gym chronicles” that I deleted today because it was the least used category for obvious reasons.

When I open my home page I saw too many categories and important ones were getting lost.

But when I read the 17 posts this category had, I couldn’t help smiling. The day I started and all the struggles of me trying to literally do anything get in shape with no fking idea how to do it.

So, I decided to move them to “harmless buffoonery”.

Next, I have to figure out how to make tip jar smaller when you view in app, it makes me look like a beggar..

I have been working on organizing myself lately, my health and overall goals.

That is only possible if I eliminate and organize every aspect of my life little by little.

I’m an artist. We work on impulse most times but to live and survive we do need a rough draft at least.

I’m also doing research on how to start selling my art. This time I’m seriously considering because time’s aren’t looking good, job market is fooooooked! Have to look into every option possible.

Then my health. Gosh this one is laborious!

I spent whole day preparing healthy meals, and then I died! It looks way easier on youtube.

And about workout. It was quite a process. Identifying your problem areas and your own health goals then looking for workout relevant to those. And then try to follow them without overwhelming yourself or slacking.

Will start a little series of 2020. A summary of everything that happened.

So, yea.

That’s my trying to organize herself.

Hope you are having a nice day!

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