Let’s just stop

Ever had that moment?

When you have been running breathlessly after something like your life depends on it. And suddenly you find yourself stopped in tracks.

You are no more panting, you are breathing normal and your heartbeat is stable like you have been frozen in a spot and haven’t even walked a few steps, let alone ran.

The confusion of that moment itself is confusing.

It’s like you were screaming your lungs out then suddenly stopped. Not because you lost your voice. You lost words.

Like you have been crying oceans but then you aren’t anymore. Not because you ran out of tears, your eyes are too foggy to even see pain.

That unbearable point of despair where you suddenly stop feeling anything at all.

You mind is clouded to all the emotions that brought you to that point.

The sudden dismissal of all of feelings is surreal and you feel like an object suspended in space.

The absence of inertia makes you question reality. You wonder what if it was a dream.

The haunting stillness and terrifying silence, makes air tons heavy But you feel light as a feather like all of your longing has bled out of your wounds, leaving you ashen.

It’s a battle you don’t win or lose, your heart tells you “let’s just stop.”


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