Roaming Around

Went wandering yesterday.

I desperately needed to breathe. As my friend puts it “You need “stimulation”.  Don’t misinterpret.  Lol.  You need input, readings, interactions, more more and more.  You appetite is trying to replace things missing in your daily life, my friend.”

I have actually been working on stimulation and all, unconsciously.

For a change I stopped worrying about career. Things are bad for almost everyone. I keep studying tho.

Plants, art documentaries, decluttering and minor home improvisations, cooking and trying new foods, are few things I have been doing last few days to pump some oxygen in my mind.

I needed to go out as I was getting very panicky to a point where I felt I would throw up even if I tried to drink water. yes. This happens!

First stop was Al Rafisah Dam, in Sharjah.

For me it was a new spot and I don’t think it’s very old.

Here are some shot of the day.



Next I had cotton candy from a random place on the way back. Because, why don’t I give myself diabetes asap! We all have to die anyway.

Got some cookies from marks & Spencer. Guys! You have to check food section of M&S. Try their orange chocolate biscuits and dark chocolate & ginger thins. I love their sea salt caramel fudge too.

Then went to Ace. Checked gardening section. Didn’t buy anything, as I might might have to move again. This time country. Maybe . This was my first time I went to ace which is so weird. I don’t know how I never went there. 

I came home feeling so much better. That suffocation had subsided and there was a strong wave of creativity rushing to hit me hard.

This happens too…

So I’m kinda in overdrive today.

Will make lists and try to organize myself and make the most of this energy.

Again, be kind to yourselves. I know loving yourself is hard, I can’t do it yet.

Go easy on your mind and life.

Stop blaming yourself for situations that were never in your control.

And have a nice day 

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