Sam was here..

Some people are like pieces of puzzle that complete your existence. They can be laying on a table, scattered and you are aware of their presence.

But when they join you, its that moment you realize what was missing.

Sam (my best friend, and my closest person) moved here. Something we both didn’t know could ever happen. We both are finally living in the same city after 7 years.

She came over (and brought me these beautiful flowers) and it was that tight hug that told me what was missing. We both were excited inside but oddly numb outside, maybe because we are no more 10 year olds (that’s when we became friends).

We were having breakfast in kitchen when I said “can you believe we have come this far? Doing this adult-life thing together?”.

Our 10 year-old version set some rules of our friendship, we won’t judge each other, we will believe in each other and we will be 100% honest no matter how difficult situation is.

And she has been the best relationship I have had, and probably will have.

Life has thrown too many curveballs on us but those rules didn’t let us part, our friendship kept growing stronger.

Maybe that’s all it takes for a long-lasting relationship, if 10 year olds can figure it out, anyone can.

P.s. Love you girl! I would be dead long ago if I didn’t have you in my life.

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