Pastels – Portrait Art

I don’t know where to begin, the background story behind this one is size of infinite jest!

And I’m tired, as always.


I took this picture of my living room few days back and loved the color theme going on here.


After that I googled portraits for reference and found one.

Now here’s a pro tip of tracing outline of a portrait.

Take your paper and stick it on your screen. Turn the brightness to maximum, grab a pencil and switch off the lights.


Every detail will be clear as day.

That’s how I drew outline.

And the rest just happens.

You block everything else and let your heart lead your hands.

And this is final (almost) result.


Fixed first layer of it by spraying alcohol, the trick works great with soft pastels!

I might add few more highlights and little bit of details. Won’t be doing too much on it as I don’t want to kill subtlety of this work.

As always, would love to hear your feedback, it will help me improve.

Thanks 🙂

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17 thoughts on “Pastels – Portrait Art

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  1. This is great. I always very much appreciate this simple method of composure for a nice abstractish piece that can be viewed for a lifetime! Thank you for sharing this.

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      1. i didn’t trace before now. because i do portraits and they always look a bit off if a slightest line goes wrong. With light it get a lot easier. Only problem is size now. it cant be bigger than my laptop screen.


  2. Actually, it can. Imagine your image at a size that can broken into four equal pieces. I don’t know if you have software that can manage that, but break it into 4 separate pieces or as many as you like and trace them a section at a time. Keep making art and writing. Phil

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