Im surprised i have lived 33 years on this planet without committing a single murder.

That is flabbergasting!

I accepted early on in life it’s highly possible.

Human stupidity can easily push you to the edge.

Is that the reason behind my obsession with true crime shows??

I literally know almost every famous missing/murder case that’s anywhere on youtube.

The day i stop, youtube is going to report me missing.


Back to birthday.

So i turned 33 today.

Funny story! My youngest siblings (10 and 11 years younger than me) have a hilariously skewed perspective about my age.

They treat me like I’m their age and in there head i should be dead a century ago.

Bro asked me “you must be at least 50” last year.

In the middle of a fight he literally shouted “she graduated before we were even born”

Other one thought I’m like 10 years older than cousins who are my age.

Honestly they miscalculate age for almost everyone so i dont mind that much.

I dont mind anything about age now. The minding phase was over once i was over my 30th bday.

Well it was just another horrible day.

My best birthday was my 16th one. My phone could explode before even it started.

Even tho.. i looked like a baby baboon at that time. Sweet sixteen doesn’t apply to late bloomers.

This time, birthday was eating ice-cream while watching Adam’s family (1991). Watched it for Christina ricci.

And honestly there was 50% off on coldstones lol

So, this is 33.

No greetings at 12. Family remembered somewhere late night coz i got msgs when i woke up.

Today’s plan is just staying in bed watching movies and eating. And sleeping. I need one day off.

happy birthday to me gif_

Life’s good, as long as you aren’t under a criminal investigation.


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