Fixing Broken Connections

Omg my kneeeeeeeeeess!

I’m getting old.

Unpacking, cleaning each and every tiniest thing, assigning perfect location and literally inventing more space to adjust all of my stuff, is sending me body in 90s in 30s.

At this point, the whole cleaning is running on an infinity loop. I saw a film of dust on the stuff I cleaned few days back and then it was their turn…and so on..

I stopped melatonin coz I started taking it regularly and my friend said..WTF WHY!!!

That’s when you snap out of your melatonin-induced dreams.


Dad’s still in hospital but one day he sent me a really sweet message on WhatsApp. That deserve a separate post.

I have a humidified and an air-fryer, I’m officially an adult now (as per a random instagram account)

But honestly Air fryer is a game-changer!

And so is humidifier if you live in a desert (like us) or feel dryness in nasal passage (like me). It’s overall good for skin too, since weather here gives us dry-chapped-cracked-draughty skin.

Other thing on that list was a weighted blanket, I heard it’s good for anxiety but I don’t know…

And another thing was instapot never heard of it but then googled it and looked at 20 different pots at already have.


Honestly, objects shouldn’t determine if you are an adult or not.

I think responsibilities do. Some of us have to grow up at younger age and that’s where our adult life begins.

I found a pack of instant mushroom soup in my kitchen today, and hours before I had an intense conversation about mushroom soup with Unicorn. We both get too excited talking about food.

When I found that packet I texted her “looks like stars have aligned”.


A warm cup of soup when your muscles are screaming “have some mercy on us”, works like an elixir.

Somewhere in between I took this baby out.


Remember her?

I ordered her online on a whim, when I am pretty sure I had lost a good fraction of my mind.

Took her out of her box after 3 years, spent some time with her and put her back. It was a brief but soulful conversation. Music connect us with our soul in mysteriously beautiful way.

It’s like there is a door that only music can open.

Last few days I tried to be with myself. I intensionally minimized interactions even with my closest friends, except for the times they needed me.

There was a domino effect of epiphanies.

One truth lead to another about my own being.

I was accepting myself, all of me.

People are really good at making anyone feel insecure.

If you don’t tell yourself “you are perfect the way you are, people telling you otherwise are a**holes”, the world will never stop reminding you of your flaws and mistakes.

And it’s funny how small and natural those mistakes are. Everyone makes tons of them.

I don’t know where I started and how I got here.

Just felt like talking.

Hope you all are having a great day.

You guys are the best people on the planet. I meant it!

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