First Negative Review (Review # 16)

Looks like my days of glory are over.

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Life couldn’t get happier.

I don’t know what bit me I went on to have a look at my book, maybe for ego boost, because before today it only made me happy.. And then I saw this!

My first negative review. First one star.

And .. absolute drivel??

Looks like a hate crime, it’s over-kill.

Maybe if they were more precise about what they felt was “absolute drivel” in the book, I would try to fix it in next book (if i manage to pick myself up and publish again)

I don’t know how to process it. Did anyone experience suddenly chill and chest tightening when you got a negative review? No? Just me?? Okay..

Well. Not that I never imagined this will ever happen it’s just part of putting your work out there, you do expose your art to judgement.

But after 15 really good reviews this one hit like a bullet in the head, execution style!

Could this be one of paid reviewers who emailed me to pay in exchange of a review? Because I don’t do that.

Could it be just some weird grudge. Or I’m being a sour loser?

Maybe I’m just panicking.

But I’m really thinking about those giveaways I ran… I think I should prepare to read such reviews in future too. I’m actually worried people who just picked it for free could treat it as something worthless.

I understand it’s a very volatile book. It’s literally my heart ripped open but that’s what it says on the description clearly.

I know to some it can come of as emotional disaster but that’s what it is.

It’s all about my own mental health struggles, nothing mild there.

I heard you can try and get negative reviews removed, but I don’t think I should.

Internet suggest just ignore them, or things get worse.

I just feel really really bad right now.

This month just keeps turning into a bigger hell hole.

Rant over!

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Kindly visit my post Warriors Invited To Raise Mental Health Awareness where I invite Mental Health Warriors to submit their blog’s address so that we can join hands to control this wildfire.

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43 thoughts on “First Negative Review (Review # 16)

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  1. Hon, dust that off like a fallen leaf on your shoulder. Not everyone will like you or your book. I know we usually like to hear good things, but when we hear one negative comment, it can really throw us off course. But you keep what you’re doing and remember never let the bad things get to you. They will only stop you from moving ahead. ❤️💐

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      1. I’ve two ways to see this. Semi-objective and egoic annoyed. Both allow a high and or low response. As usual, I too, have ran across “criticism” and mine was my only hoped for high intelligence review versus ordinary souls yays mostly reviews. Gee, guess which way my porridge raneth! ;). My hoped for review wasn’t yay. It was ripping drivel. Childish or purple rhyme. Blah blah nothing redeeming neither subjects or execution. A biggggg ole raspberry. Consider this via not having your go at it which you can I’m not pushing sale a year and a half later heavily I can lend a pre print run off if you’ve interest. But the shorter explaination is I picked 38 pages shorter format of a imaginative walk home half scared boo! From work through spooky shadows down and overgrown area… Trying to ask how can I cuss my ex… A few weird visions in clouds… And my methods of stacked alliteration or outright sing song rhymes… Pretty good effort considering! And poop review. Yet the way to see this is I wanted to know and I do the smart didn’t find me different and new but trite and dull. Considering my then experience and later sales after reading and all that came i cherish now that it didn’t meet with my gonna be a millionaire hopes of that packaged effort… I hadn’t the solid footing to push a lesser effort to more than I got success but I’m not butt hurt I got a booger review…I’d want to know that I may have troubles brewing!! I could go low and whine that I’m misunderstood or how dare! They spoil my chances with their not very elaborative poopy review?? Annnd? I’d nurse only my pride. Yes I’ll get bum reviews but if I’m careful a bad review my be my only true hope as I’ve understood it of course to know my scope and my audience. Very important in sales toward them who care and doing least damage to those less entertained. Same gal took me to a shakespeare in the park and on our way back living in the same boarding house said without question there’s no relationship you smoke..
        I’d not been anywhere near that subject so left field… And yet I’d not read her well awww. But that blistering review my effort got wasn’t meanness in my cae but how to fast read and poach sales higher my book wouldn’t be easy promotion but hard and I really screwed the pooch getting a $33 list for what I’d have had troubles selling for $10 thus my point was wow! Good info even if damn it I’m not convincing I’m not Rembrandt of rhymes! But yeah I got the bad review.. yet mine maybe not yours was the most honest.


  2. I’ve had 1-star reviews, and I’ve seen them on other people’s books too. It seems like some people enjoy being nasty, and others seem to have not read the book description and were expecting something other than what the book actually said it was.

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    1. Somebody gave your book a 1-star?? that’s not possible I lvoe your book!
      It’s so well-researched and really helps in understanding mental health medication. I’m waiting for the write time to give it to my Dad. i just love it.

      Yea hate when this happens. I have a habit of reading blurbs even if I have a hundred books to choose from. there’s a reason they are there.

      Well. Just part of life of a writer…

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      1. i think that unless 1-star reviews focus in on a specific legitimate issue, it probably has very little to do with the book itself and a lot more to do with people being trollish.

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  3. Don’t let one bad apple spoil the rest. Keep writing. 1 bad review out of 15 good ones is a pretty good record. Focus on that. I do agree with you that if someone is going to criticize you they should provide explanation. Just to say it’s drival without explaining well that’s like name calling.

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    1. That’s what I thought. If they pointed out the problem they would actually be doing me a favour.
      I appriciate healthy criticism, that’s what have lead me whereever I’m.
      This was immature.

      And yes, it’s a pretty good record, so far I have been blessed beyond my expectations. Focusing on the good ones.
      Would focus on this one too if it had an explanation.

      Thank you 🙂

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  4. Yes, I remember my first negative review after so many positive reviews. I felt devastated!
    Mostly because I didn’t listen to many very published and successful writers so told me, don’t look at your reviews!
    I didn’t listen because it felt so good to have 5 star reviews. After seeing that 1 star, I’ve never looked again. That was almost 5 years ago. What I do see, is the royalty’s that are deposited in my account from Amazon each month, which means that is spite of what reviews are attached to my book, people are still buying it 5 years later.
    Keep writing-and don’t worry about what the reviewers say. ❤️

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    1. I was affraid this review would effect my book sales. It’s comforting to know that didn’t happen to you.

      But I love the positive ones. getting a great review is one of few things that still manage to make me happy. I know I won’t stop looking fo them lol.

      Thanks for sharing your expereince. ❤️😊

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  5. What!!!! That is cruel!
    Man….that is someone who woke up wanting to hurt. I wish they had stayed in bed!
    I love your poetry book. I have read and written a review for CARAMEL’S CORNER and it is going to be published at the start of December I think.

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  6. Another think I meant to add, maybe the person giving the review was a miserable person who felt like being nasty and bringing someone else down. Your poems are awesome and there will always be people who want to pee on anything that’s good and positive. So, they say more about themselves than they ever could about you. xoxoxoxo


  7. I’m late to the party, but it’s unfavorably of something you wrote, not of you. I know it’s personal and your baby, but you garnered a response. Certainly better than apathy. I cannot say I know what your negative review, being mostly unpublished, but I have had art rejected from shows. At one time, any rejection would have meant that piece would be put away and forgotten. Hang in there. Remember, you are Stoner on a Roller Coaster, and roller coasters do not simply go upward.

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    1. I agree, being read and getting a response itself is something. I kinda wish i didn’t disappoint them but again, It’s all part of being publsihed.
      I have been hiding my art of the same reason. I only show it here and to few very close friends. You must be really brave to put your art out there for the world and then deal with the reactions.

      ahah roller coaster is there in the blog’s name for the same reason.

      Thanks you so much 🙂


      1. Writing and time taught me that I both needed to own what I was doing and that the art is the art and I am me. It was when I stopped trying, working on it, not being finished and said this is mine. If someone rejected it, that was it. If they didn’t like it, I hadn’t edited it yest or it wasn’t finished, etc. When I came to oil painting, circa 2008, I had already learned this lesson. I’m much older than you are, which may help in this case, but may also hurt. The young are often brave enough to challenge the world. Your art that I’ve seen, I like. Be brave. Also, thank you for liking my blog posts on the Pen’s Might. Talk about rejection, I think the most likes I’ve had on a single piece is ten. I’ve learned to live with it. And 98.8% of the art I post is mine. Like the writing some of it’s good and some of it’s crap, but just creating/sharing something is worth the effort. Hang in there..


  8. I’m not familiar (yet) with your work, but my rule of thumb is that a statement with the word “absolute” in it is almost sure to be cruel and unconstructive. And “twee” is just a gratuitous cherry on the poo-pile your callous reader has deposited for you. Best wishes for your continued creative endeavors.

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    1. I like your take on the word absolute, now I am thinking about all the times I started a sentence with it.
      Yes it does look like a poo-pile with cherry on the top, in my reviews. But doesn’t bother me anymore.
      Thanks for stopping by and being so kind, means a lot 🙂

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