Depression-A Killer — Penny Wilson Writes – MHA Re-blog

How long will this subject remain in the shadows?  How long will it have such a stigma attached to it that people dare not even use the word ‘Depression’? Life has no value to depression.  EVERY DAY 121 Americans commit suicide.  50% of those people suffered from depression. More than 38,000 people a year commit […]

Depression-A Killer — Penny Wilson Writes

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  1. No kidding, depression heaped on me by my ill health and writing failings, makes me think of death all too often. People don’t realise that when they screw you over, rip you off, humiliate and tear your heart out when dealing with something you wrote.

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    1. That’s so unfair and people have no trace of decency to avoid demeaning someone and their work. It’s convenient to demolish someone’s confidence by attacking their work and it’s one the shittiest thing ever.
      I’m sorry you had to deal with it. You can always reach out. You are not alone.

      Side note, there are never failing with writing, it’s just the process that improves your skill eventually.


      1. Thanks Stoner.
        What if you cant improve because your hands won’t let you? Diction isnt working for me. I got 20 mysteries. That thanks to useless hands, no money and criminal publishers I shall never publish.

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      2. Rule # 1: You are writing/publishing for yourself. it’s not for anybody else.

        for the first book, you can try self-publishing, that solves money and publisher problem. i didn’t spend a penny on my book.

        I don’t quite understand about hands.. do you have difficulty typing/writing?

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      3. of, Stoner, self-publishing doesnt solve money problems. I still need money for editing – around £750 a book. I still need money for illustrations or certain parts of the mysteries will not work, and will not be publishable.

        I have nerve damage worsened by carpel tunnel issues. Very soon, I wont be able to type at all. I tried diction software and cant get it to understand me either.


  2. As I remember the dark tunnel, stretching before me over more than twenty years, beginning with my rising consciousness during puppetry and into my early thirtieth. In hindsight, I did not want to miss out on those experiences, but the memory of some of those agonising dark moment makes me still shudder.
    Of course, it is no point of telling someone who is in the middle of drowning that there is a cake waiting at the bottom of the pond!
    Those years of dark experiences provided me with invaluable insights into my inner self. During that time the clarity, necessary for choosing my future directions, was achieved, making sense of those years of suffering.
    However, during those years I never stopped looking for solutions and with time developing my individual “therapy” program based on the study of my early childhood history. I could just not imagine that “that” was all that there is!
    Burning all the notes from that time afterwards felt good; a real cathartic process!

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    1. Your comment made me actually see the light at the bottom of the pond, looks like it’s a candle on a cake. 🙂

      thanks for your precious words I’m thinking there is so much these dark years taught me, all those hardships and attempts to overcome them, definitely have given me something I wouldn’t have otherwise. Especially when it comes to creativity. If things went as planned I wouldn’t be writing here.

      So, yea. I don’t know when the tunnel will end. but I know I will be out one day.

      Thank you so much!


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