Rambling away..

Friend: Can I come over?

Me: Yea I have one big box left I will pack you in that.

Came back to Dubai few days back and feels like I have been walking on my hands for days like I was possessed my the ghost of some demonic chef.

Hunting for ingredients in 20 boxes could be a challenge of some reality show. The smaller the container, the harder the hunt!

And it’s that time of year.. yes guys I’m moving again!

With rents plummeting everywhere and your landlord being a total brat it was the only sensible thing to do. Got a way nicer place way cheaper.

But the whole process is laborious.

On the other hand I feel like im running out of time.

2020 will be over just like that and there’s so much to do.

With 2nd book I have at least finalized a plan, at least I won’t be drifting wild I needed a direction and now I’m less worried about that.

Also got my books to revise what I passed exams for 8 years ago. That’s actually heart-attack inducing, just the thought of it. It wasn’t easy the first time, and with no direction I don’t know how many time I will fall on this path. And this time it could hurt really bad but I desperately need this.

Is it that hard and stressful for everyone?

I was reading about belly fat and I read the biggest reason if stress.

So.. I think I will be a Santa all my life.

Stress isn’t going anywhere.

If I give up now and just let things go with he flow, all of this will blow in my face like a volcano.

Looks like it’s ibuprofen day.

Was tired and sore so just came here to ramble away.

Thanks for listening


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