Self-publishing life..

Remember ubuy??

I saw my book on their website and after few mails back and forth I got to know that they have only listed the book and they will buy it from amazon and ship it.

Now guess what.. ubuy has a UAE site too and my book is there!! yayyyyy!

So I got 1 new region covered and an important one.

For Pakistan I will go for traditional publisher. Already know a few less problematic ones.

This tiny progress I made without effort so maybe over the time distribution channels will ease and this book availability issue will solve on its own.


Few problems, ubuy has quoted almost double the original price of book, probably due to shipping that kinda sucks a little.

Then they have written wrong rating in their few sites, will have to write to them about it. They could just copy it from amazon or goodreads. Looks like they are going to be my new pen pal.

Then..i never ordered anything from ubuy. Anyone having any experience with them??


Resumed editing the second book today. Calling it editing would be a joke because yours truly is stuck at selection!

Today, I nosedived into it with blindfolds and started sorting it category wise and turns out one category have 41 poems and 1 has 6!!

Looks like I will have to ditch old categories and do the whole thing again.

126 poems guys!! 

Its truckloads of work

I will chop it down to less than 100.

Oh! Pro tip : if you are publishing your book true to make it longer than 100 pages because a lot of book promotion websites require that.

Moving on.

I have 35 poems in mental health related category only, I was also thinking maybe these could be separate books..??

okay now i have started talking to myself here..

Time to go, take care. (1)

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