Orange Lizard

*few weeks back*

Sis: there is an orage lizard (that’s what she said) in car porch.

Me: don’t tell me. Where was it?

Sis. It was on a plant and the lizard had a big orange head and it was trying to hide from us.

Me: us??

Sis: me dad bro

Me: So it was a family event?

Sis: it was on a stem and its head was big so it hid behind the stem and closed its eyes. And then it would open eyes and tilt its head a little to check if we were still standing. And then it would suddenly close eyes and straighten its head.

Me: so it was one of those moments when kids close their eyes and think they are invisible??

Sis: yea and it would keep checking

Me: for how lo..wait.. so you guys knew poor thing was trying to hide and you were just standing there?? And what happened then? How many days it took you guys to give up?

Sis: idk we got tired it wasn’t going anywhere and just sometimes looking at the other one?

Me: Other one?

Sis: There were of them..

Me: This has to be q joke.. so, how many orange lizards should i expect at dad’s place on my next trip?

Sis: Pray they leave

Me: You bet i will.


Weeks later I’m here and they shared this picture and video. Picture quality tells me they were standing miles away.



This is the maximum size of a reptile i can look at without fainting. I might actually pass out if i was here. Chameleons are not common here.

Reptiles are lead characters of my nightmares!

You wanna kill me just send a lizard my way. I will be dead before it reaches me.

Sis is sleeping with me since there is a very big lizard in her room. I don’t want to imagine if its a chameleon or a gecko. I just can’t..

Praying it leaves as it came. If i dont write next few days..I probably had a heart attack and died.

Idk when this jumanji will be over.. (1)

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33 thoughts on “Orange Lizard

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  1. I somehow expected small Lizards. Why bother them? Just leave them alone. Although, can’t your sis just open a door or window so it has a way out? Sorry, not visiting any time soon. HA

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ahah. In dubai we have desert lizards they r small and skinny. But here house geckos are more common (if unfortunately they like your home).
      The ones in picture and video are chameleons, they didn’t come inside just stick your plants and all.
      But for the one inside we did leave doors and window open and left that roon actually. Now just hoping its not hiding somewhere.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Haha, that is so funny XD
    I hope you get over that fear of lizard soon!
    I used to believe a person is watching me through the eyes of lizards — kinda like a CCTV — well, that was way back before as a child XD


      1. Well, it’s not like lizards are everywhere, but they are there from time to time in our province. Actually, I thought of the stalking lizards to be my crush lol.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well, I joined a writing competition which will happen for the ff days of 14-16 🙂 I will try to insert that idea, if not the wholentopic 😂

        Liked by 1 person

      1. And scary. One time a tiny lizard was sitting on my kitchen slab. And it camouflaged in the pattern. And i was pouring soup was i saw it staring at what i was doing.. i don’t know how i didn’t burn myself. I have had really scary experiences.


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