KDP..not again..


Recieved it just now. I think they follow my blog πŸ˜‰



I have drafted the most perfectly comprehensive email to kdp support.

“Dear KDP,



I am so tempted to do it idk if I will.

From the time I figured how to get your hard earned royalties transfered to mars from plannet earth, life has been a tad bit easier.

It’s at least one nervous breakdown less, per week.

But you know life… you aren’t supposed to be at peace. That’s not how life is designed. So, this month I see more sales on the sales chart and less money in the royalties earned chart.

Like…what kinda surprise sale is this? I don’t like such surprises.

Then on the payment category they have paid me royalties for June but I haven’t recieved them. It’s been days. I hope I get that in a few days.

I’m not freaked out or mad

I’m annoyed!

I spend days to solve one problem only to find out another one branching out from the previous one. It’s like these are immortal ortopuses.

Will email them again. I think they miss me, it’s been ..what… few weeks? since the last time we talked..

Idk man. This is annoying!


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27 thoughts on “KDP..not again..

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  1. I’m surprised you made any money. Putting a book on KDP is like hiding it in a box in a cellar. I put 5 books on there I sold 17 books total and none of them were organic buys they were only friends and family. Why? because unless you have a fortune you are invisible. Thus KDP publishing is pointless.

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    1. First i built a following then i published my book and then marketing plays it’s part. Otherwise a book can actually drown.
      My friends and family couldn’t buy it as it wasn’t available in my countries and i didn’t tell many people so most buyers are from wordpress.
      I haven’t paid a penny on my book. You can check this category, I documented everything here.
      It’s not pointless but it takes shitload of effort. Don’t lose hope πŸ™‚

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      1. My hopes long gone. I cant even afford to put my series out now. I have no money for marketing what’s out. For me publishing is done. I just play at writing now.


      2. I don’t dream anymore. I know I cant do it. I write only because I cant shut the creativity off and have nothing else I can do.

        I cant trust publishers, I cant afford to get my books publishable. So, that it’s my stories are useless.

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