Sometimes you walk into chaos and your body becomes a part of it when you soul is silently floating with the exterior.

When you reach the end of that chaotic lane and enter the calm, it’s like entering into a different temperature zone. Stepping into another plannet entirely.

And that your soul takes over.

You are tired and shaken by the encounter.

You question your integrity for playing the part of another clown in the nonsensical circus.

It hits you and makes you sad.

But you are affraid you might be left alone or lose confidence to be around anyone at all.

You are conflicted.

You regret talking.

And then you decide to avoid that lane in future.

That’s just a random day of an introvert.

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16 thoughts on “Tired

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  1. Yes, so true.. I find myself quieter and quieter.. people so should be able to share with and trust are people who no longer have any idea what I’m thinking or my plans and hopes.. also no idea if they’ve hurt me as that’s no longer allowed.. and maybe I daren’t say this on my blog so only share it here..
    Yes, your post is so accurate

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    1. I completely understand. There were a few years i was talking to only 2 3 people qnd those were my most creative years. People drain you at times.
      And I achieved a lot during that period because nobody knew what I was doing. I don’t have personal social media accounts for the same reason, staying private keeps you safe in so many ways.
      Thanks 😊

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  2. I’m just floating somewhere
    On auto drive
    Not even sure
    That Im still alive
    Watching my body
    Just doing his thing
    Watching him dance
    Watching him sing
    But I’m not there
    Im out on a limb
    He looks like me
    But Im not him
    I’ve got no feeling
    Neither has he
    I wish he’d die
    And let me be

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