A Moment Like a Lifetime – Poetry

I heard that knock again
The soft tapping on my door
I slowly tip-toed my way
Just like you tread in my dreams
I rest my hands on the wood
For what felt like a lifetime
Felt it, like I felt your existence
Standing outside my door
I wave of grief and joy
Drawned my heart
In that precious moment
I held my fears
Choked my tears
Swallowed my breaths
And prayed in my heart
As I felt your presence
After a lifetime
For a moment
That felt like a lifetime…

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14 thoughts on “A Moment Like a Lifetime – Poetry

Add yours

  1. I am floating past your doorway
    I travel with the breeze
    I find my way through crevices
    I invade your space with ease
    You smell my skin
    Let me within
    Passion chasing fear
    I can’t be there
    Yet touch your hair
    I whisper in your ear
    So unclear
    You feel me near
    I appear within your dreams
    Not waking, you are shaking
    A victim of my schemes
    I fill the room. I linger
    Trace my finger
    Down your spine
    Not concealing my desire
    To conspire
    And to one day make you mine

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