Editing preps

Aaaaaaaaaaa.. finally end of the day..

End of my normal day and beginning of my creative day which technically is after midnight.

guys, you will agree with me on this one. If by any chance we are too lazy, or just having a gloomy-for-no-reason day, next day your system goes in overdrive to compensate for the lost time.

Today was that next day.

Besides making endless lists, ordering stuff, cooking, catching up with dad, dealing with an annoying alergic reaction, whipping shea butter, cleaning …

On a side note, indulging in a self-care routine and cooking at the same time can have grave (sometimes funny) consequences. You can confuse between the oil that was supposed to go in your hair and the oil that had to go in a pan… nothing happened..but I was this close..

Well so I was just compensating for one comatose day in bed.

Is it just me or comatose sounds like it belongs to something food-related?? Lactose, fructose?


Baked my rhubarb crumble (only God can save me from this obsession) and settled in my couch-fort with my crumble, the plague (don’t know why) and laptop..

Because where the ef is the second book!!

I saw date, its 19th aug..august is ending guys! And feels like 2 years when I said “oh time is flying I should edit my book fast”

And you know what every time I open the draft I add 3 more poems I’m just making it harder for me.

So yea. Here, in my fort, eating and rambling away because that’s my favorite way of delaying more important work.

Idk what’s wrong with me.

Playing nosedive on the side. Now I wanted to  watch something and on Instagram when I was randomly browsing, I saw a clip from this episode of show black mirror (which I haven’t seen and don’t intend to watch”

But my heart says “nosedive right in baby” so that’s what I’m gonna do!

With editing, of course!! .. I hope so..

Ramble over!

Edit (10 mins later): this woman in nosedive has creepiest laugh ever! she is my worst nightmare.

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