Aaaaaannd.. Done! – Portrait art

Remember that portrait I ended up making look like Michael Jackson?

This one..


Yea here’s the whole story.

So my portraits are mostly instinctive. I don’t use reference images and just do my thing.

This time I thought maybe if I trace from an image I would save me the time of drawing the image and chances are it would look like more human.

The first mistake, using a charcoal portrait for something I intended to do in crazy colors.


I worked on it…

And worked on it…

And kept fucking it up…


This was the last time I saw it before giving up temporarily.


Then tonight.. since I think I’m back in that impulsive creative phase where I get after 2 am pangs of creativity and actually do something about them.. I took out the sketchbook, pastels, 2 brushed ( 1 eyeliner brush, since I haven’t used brushed in a long time)

And alcohol!!

No no I didn’t burn it.

I used rubbing alcohol for a technique called underpainting.

It’s like painting a quick wash of colors to lay big structures before adding details.

I was doing opposite here.

I used alcohol to manipulate pigment of painting already done. That brought colours to life.

In no time it started making sense.

This time I burned reference image to ashes in my head and let my own instinct develop the face.


Drumroll please…



I literally thought I cannot save this one.

Already loving this technique and it’s going to help me a lot in future, probably.

I wanted to do what people do.. and that never ends well with me at least when it comes to art.

So I’m just going to stick to what I do, but adding new techniques along the way.

Quite satisfied at least for now. eyebrows have a little issue but I’m too tired right now, will fix that later.

Would love to have feedback πŸ™‚

… (1)

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23 thoughts on “Aaaaaannd.. Done! – Portrait art

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  1. At first the blue didn’t say shadow but bruise… In that I say asside from m j the first hadn’t that reaction. But seeing more flow was important to appreciate the new n m j second. There is unappology expressed yet not bravado. Just such as is I’m here. In this notion set I’ll say I am not inspired but neither am I horrified so there is reaction and thus art but I can’t say I’m Rembrandt moved. πŸ™‚ And thus you have my reaction.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ok i forgot to post that middle version where i gave up. I added that now. And now i see the first one wasnt that bad maybe i should have stopped there.
      I wasn’t going for Rembrandt inspired and honestly I can’t without some professional training or some miraculously endowed skills.
      That’s confusing reaction, like a crazy swing and then it suddenly stops straight lol.
      Thanks a lot for sharing your reaction I truely appriciate it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Moussaka timmmme. Flits off to load a casserole dish. Weirdo selects allspice to go with tomato sauce. If you’re not observing dietary law and omnivorous, care to fuel for art? Be around an hour


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