Meet Bekki Semenova 🙂

Last week this incredible kid contacted me and I haven’t been able to find the right words to convey her message because I was blown away by her strength.

Bekki is a 17-year-old, who struggles with multiple mental health disorders and autism and yet she is passionate to spread awareness and break the stigma around what she battles every day.

This is incredible!

At such a young age and with so much to deal with, I mean.. teenage for most of us is already an extremely vulnerable phase.  She has too many internal battles to fight and win at every small task of every day!

With that, to be compassionate enough to push through her own limits and reach out to people and make constant efforts for people living with similar struggles, this is beyond my imagination.

And what an adorable person to talk to 🙂

I honestly lack words to convey her message so I am going to share her clip where she talked about Selective Mutism and Autism. Please do listen.

It’s important for all of us.


He following are links to her published articles:

And you can reach out to her through links below:
Instagram at and @notjustshy
Facebook Bekki Winter

Life is too short and too hard already. Wouldn’t it be great if we support each other so that the world gets a little easier place to live in?

We all are unique and beautifully different, don’t stigmatize those factors. Help where it’s required and at all times kindness is the greatest ointment.

Stay safe!

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