A Friend Like Her

Weird things happen after midnight in my life.

I met a friend here like 2 years back. She very randomly reached out when I was going through a lot. My mom’s loss was fresh and my dad wasn’t able to deal with it. Devastated is a very small word for my state at that point.

Then on, we are just part of each other’s life. 2 people who live continents apart but just are there for each other.

If I try to think, it’s hard to process at times.

We named things and situations. We have our own imaginary bomb shelter (it’s a secret)

When I published the paperback of my book I got to know there was no way I was getting my book in any form, not an author’s copy, not a proof-copy not even a real finished book. I couldn’t touch my book and it disturbed me. I took a blind chance and just published it.

My friend bought my first copy the moment it went live, even though she was going through unsurmountable tragedy in her life.

She was the first person to get it. Touch it. Analyze it, like it was her own. She took pictures, made videos, and comparisons with her own journal. She inspected my book for me.

I saw my book through her eyes. Even saying this makes me teary-eyed.

I was excited and posted about it but then I saw the book had a slight error, actually, I wanted title moved to left a little. So, I fixed it and I randomly scheduled it for today’s date

I saw this today and I was emotional for every time she had my back. Every time she was there with me and telling me the truth bluntly even if I was doing something wrong she, wanted best for me. Try to help me through anxiety and depression. One time she actually tried to get help for me in my country, when she didn’t even know my name.

I’m a vulnerable realist and that doesn’t make this blog all sunshine and rainbows, I’m sorry.

But today I assure you this. You are never alone.

No matter how horrible things are there will be someone standing by your side.

Just be there for people without expecting return and someone will be there for you. And it will be the best person to get you through the phase.

With a friend like her, life gets a little bearable.

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  1. People are beautiful, relations are boundless.. when we understand this, we get to cherish those around us even more. Glad you have someone like this in life. Not many even can perceive these relations.. keep up!! 🙂


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