Fire Alarm Situation

Oh!! I was thinking what did I have to share??

The fire alarm incident!!

So yesterday, when I was waking up. I was in that slumber inertia state where you can’t fully open your eyes but you try and start checking notification..which you manage to read by squinting really hard.

You hearing is doubtful, you are still smelling something from your last dream (which I highly doubt is possible), and speech.. I’m sure it would be slurry.

Suddenly I heard the tail of an announcement.

Like you catch a glimpse of tail of a lizard trying to escape.

I heard it inside the apartment but I wasn’t sure.

Few minutes late there was an announcement WITH pricing alarm.

Now I have seen some serious building fired in UAE in recent years, the latest one burnt the whole building damaging everything around it.

So I jumped out of bed.

I framed nearest stole, picked one of the closest hair-ties and my phone (which was in my hand already), slipped on my slippers and reached for keys.

Opened the door and tried to lock home before running to exit. But life isn’t that simple.

The key got stuck!!

In a flash I could see all my valuable.. but then I saw me on fire!

In corridor I could smell the burning smell

So I just left the door and looked around, there were 2 more women on my floor standing confused, but they woke up in far human state than me.

I looked like a panicked chicken! With feathers falling off..I’m sure I could be smelling like one.

I literally had a safety pin on my shirt.

I did a full round of floor to find exit .. JUST NEXT TO MY APARTMENT!!

Next I was running downstairs, while tying my hair and calling reception until I actually reached the reception I was trying to call.

Only to find it was a drill!

Then there was the dramatic zoom-out moment when it hit me I left home without a mask and there were people!


Didn’t hate it too much coz at least now I know emergency exits better and I know I need to make a small bag of valuables, including mask!!!

But then the testing didn’t stop there.

I later got to the tail I heard the first time was actually to tell residents that they are testing fire alarm so don’t panic.


I shouldn’t be too embarrassed. There was one more woman..

..actually I told her I could smell something burning so she ran because of me..


Rest of the day I had to use earplug I got on a flight to avoid going deaf.

This whole thing reminded me of time when my sis was here and we had fire drill..

So..That’s all for this post..

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23 thoughts on “Fire Alarm Situation

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  1. First of all I don’t think it’s funny your housing was on fire but this post made me laugh..Good times and thank you for that!! =D

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  2. –just past the “67” from woodland Park (Colorado, USA) which is far right sorta south of center… Is the physical location of my then job. it was eerie watch as if some God had a pitcher and just slowly filled the valley just east of camp. 2 weeks later I smelled forever that tinge of campfire. All special needs campers and all 87 staff and camp were to the roadway a mile from camp in 3 minutes and fourty seven seconds… Minor delay getting all my campers picked up from evacuation… But I got to go home fairly quickly. Sure did catch hell having a ciggie in the parking lot of a Forrest fire.


  3. You might remember me I wrote from cries from an unkempt garden. I took a reprieve when diagnosed with breast cancer, I am back. My new blog weirds are word is up, and I have been posting. It is platform that does not keep me i one niche. So I thought I would say hi. Blessings Lisa

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Im so glad to see you back Lisa. I remember you left and then you came back one in the middle too if im remembering correct.
      How are you now??
      Thank you so much for stopping by. 🙂 its always lovely to see old blog friends.
      Welcome back 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am 3 months post a double mastectomy, I am healing well. I still have 1 more surgery to go. It by far is the most tragic event in my lifetime. I couldn’t write going through all the doctors visit, and decisions that we had to make. Let alone I did this at the start of Covid so no one was allowed with me for my surgeries or in the hospital after. It was an emergent nature, so it is what it is. I have learned a lot as usual when someone goes through such strife. I love my life, and I don’t take a single moment for granted.
        Thank you for asking, and I hope you are well? I am happy to back blogging again. Have a great Monday!


      2. know that you are in my prayers.
        I can’t imagine what it’s like your strength is commendable.
        I’m just existing, a lot happens every day, right now I’m just trying to survive this weird era.
        Sending you love, hugs and prayers. ❤️

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