Be Kind and Be Fair.

I tried to address this issue in a recorded message but it stretched to 9 minutes and me telling a story for 9 minutes straight would be too torturous.

5 months back the place I was working at, had a management fallout and everyone left except one person, let’s call her A.

A-the backstabber.

Because that’s how she stayed, backstabbing everyone.

Few days back I got a call from my ex-boss and he started talking about A. He asked if I’m still in touch, and I told him I’m not because anything I would say is going to be twisted.

Then he went on to throw allegations at her, some true some false, to a point where one was directly about her character.

And then he asked, “do you believe me?”

Now, this is my ex-boss I will be needing his reference in the future, I was dumbfounded for a brief moment.

Then I said, “God knows better”.

I don’t know if this is true or not, this is none of my business. I don’t even want to know. I didn’t keep tabs once I moved on from that environment it was toxic and too political.

I felt triggered by this. My ex-boss definitely wouldn’t be happy but what he was doing is wrong.

This is how it worked. There is a rumor and then people blindingly start believing and intentionally or unintentionally validating it.

Then there is a whole segment of people who form their opinion about that person based on a rumor and that opinion sticks forever.

When you know there is a fight/fallout/disagreement between 2 parties, please do yourself a favor and stay away from the mess.

If you are in a position where you can’t, be very careful about the reputation of both parties and asked yourself a few simple questions, “how is this going to affect my conscience? Will I be able to live with myself?” “Am I doing the right thing?”

Sometimes it gets really difficult to put your true opinion on the table, but trust me in the long run you will be at peace with yourself.

You being a party, a character in a story will take you to a messy place you never belonged to.

Be careful guys, you don’t have to believe everything you hear, you don’t have to be a character in everyone’s story and you don’t have to side with a rumor about someone no matter what that person did to you.

Be kind and be fair.

Nobody should be able to put a price on your integrity.

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