Late-night Poem

Is it midnight
Or afternoon
My day is just starting
And clouds veiled the moon

That sneeze was the virus?
Or dust being mischievous
Or maybe it was nothing
That mind trick was villainous

And who is tapping
Tapping on my door
Or it was a random noise
From the ceiling or floor

I can’t see very well
Guess I’m exhausted
But where the heck are my glasses?
Oh! That’s just fantastic

I miss my morning coffee
Instant coffee sucks by the way
But who needs caffeine to stay up
Anxiety is doing that job anyway

My kitchen isn’t mine anymore
My fort is under attack
Cockroaches are capering around
I’m going to crack

But I tasted air tonight
With a dessert spoon
It was hot and humid
It will be a furnace blast soon

The world has changed
For good or bad, I don’t know
Fear has shackled the city
I saw a nervous crow

I just skidded on something
Oh, another wrapper of chips
I have been hoarding single servings
It’s time to throw away expired dips

Where to begin life this time
From chapter 1, 32.7 or 2020
Or maybe start a new book
Brand new traumas are plenty

2 am, and I haven’t seen the moon
That’s an odd happenstance
Maybe I will go peek out of the window
There’s no time to miss any chance

Copyright © 2020 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

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