Pink Sky #FOWC #RDP #WordoftheDayChallenge

Pink sky
Don’t peek into my hollow soul
I can’t see you cry

Don’t plant colors of joy
In my melancholic heart

They will sink into murk
Will vanish without a sigh

Tell those chirping birds
Don’t waste your melodies on me

Save them for another morn
My end could be nigh

Perched at the rooftop
I envy your grandeur

I fell down and broke my wings
When I tried to soar high

You rule the land like a treacherous queen
Tress are reduced to silhouettes

You drink the pigments of flowers
I just saw a black butterfly

I am done for today, I think
Time to return to the cage

Sorrow whirls in an eternal loop
I relish your company, can’t lie..


Written for FOWC, RDP Friday, Word of the Day Challenge

Copyright © 2020 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

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